More good news for the Dear Leader

£50K per annum, AND all those Party workers , leafleters and campaigners come the general election.

Wonder how many of them will be torching their membership cards in the brazier?
I can see Labour having the same snags as the Tories, when they leave office. After all those years in power, with lobby groups throwing money at them, the grass-roots membership and fund raising whithers. Come the day of reckoning and they are out on their arrses, they will be a far less attractive investment prospect to the likes of Bernie Ecclestone and many others too numerous to mention. When that happens, it will be back to contributions from the faithfull, many of whom they have royall f*cked off over Iraq, and the Trade Unions, see above.
My heart pumps purple p*ss all around my pudgy little body, just for him,
It couldn't have happened to a more well-deserving bloke, the tw@!

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