More get tax credit overpayments

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 31, 2006.

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    Yeah right. Will the Government also be penalising those that made the mistakes with this system in the first place?
  2. Tax credit over payment???? Does that happen??

    They are about as much use as a leg wax for siggychick!!

    18 feckin months i have been trying to sort mine out (and no it's not overpayment) and still no nearer. *******

  3. Did hear a rumour that the Lib Dems have demanded the Paymaster General be sacked? That'll get done then.
  4. Note: it expects to reduce overpayments by a THIRD! When are they going to try and get it right most of the time and hammer those who get it wrong like in the outside world in Banking and Finance.
    Instead it will be 'lessons have been learned' 'new strategies in place' blah,blah,blah :?
  5. So to make sure I've got the full, horrible picture....the Treaury wrote the rulebook on this from start to finish - and they still can't get it right? Starting to wonder if the day we get a competent government will be the day we strangle the last member of New Labour with the guts of the last senior civil servant.
  6. Why the heck did they get rid of the cheaper, less problematic earlier system of Family Credit? Typical, scrap it, put something new in place, and watch it turn into crap. What else can go under that title...

    ...John Prescott's career :D
  7. When me and the missus bought our house, she informed the Working Families Tax Credit of our joint incomes etc etc and told them to amend her payments. They confirmed in writing that they would adjust it. It went up, and up. She contacted them by phone several times, each time being told it would be sorted. Obviously she knew that she would have to pay back the money, she put it all into a seperate bank account. The money kept coming in, sick with worry she rang up again and told them to stop. Again a few months passed, she spoke to other people who had similar experiences, apparently they said that when the tax people contacted them for the money they pleaded ignorance and said that theyhad spent it. Missus contacts the tax people asking how she can pay back, only to be told, 'you will have the money deducted from future tax credit payments'. What a result, £4000 interest free loan. No tax credits until it's paid off.

    What worries me is, my missus is so straight down the line and wouldn't take money that she wasn't entitiled to, but for every person like her, how many are keeping quiet and enjoying themselves courtesy of you and I?

    Dept for Work and Pensions, CSA, Dept of Immigration, CPS are all crap and system is a shambles.
  8. Sorry, but I think if I told them and had written proof that they said I was entitled to it, I would have spent it too! They have calls recorded which can be used as evidence of the advice that was given and with the written proof, if this was heard in a small claim court hearing, I doubt there isn't a sane judge in the land that would have ordered the claimant to pay it back. That's if the Inland Rev would want the publicity and headlines such a court case would bring. I would even predict that they wouldn't had turned up.

    There are more horror stories of people moaning about being ordered to pay it back, than horror stories of people moaning about being ordered to pay it back and fighting that judgement. Unfortunately its only when you kick up a big enough fuss, is when they start to back down.
  9. A problem that isn't being address yet is tax credit underpayments. For the past 20 months i have been recieving emergency tax credit payments as their system shows that I have no children (wtf :? ) and out household income is about 10k more than it actually is.

    After numerous phone calls and letter to try and sort this out I am no further along than I was and now they are asking for the money back as we weren't entitled as we have no kids, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

  10. Apprently acording to the Inland evenue I'm entitled to recive working tax credit.

    The amount I'm able to recive is £0.00.

  11. I've just renewed mine but because I did not tell them of my new salary as and when I recieved it which was a month before renewal, I now owe over £300 which will be deducted from future tax credits. I plan to dispute the overpayment as I don't have time to notify the inland revenue every time I fart. Notwithstanding that I could bring the system down by phoning the on an hourly basis each and every day telling them exactly what I'm doing.
  12. I apparently owe 675 quid. Nice! I intend to pay them in Green Sheild Stamps.