More Generals Than Ships!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbrownprivates, Dec 29, 2017.

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  1. Not a single one of them is quoted as leaving due to defence cuts.
  2. HHH

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    A bit more here;

    Army Chief Responds To "Top Heavy" Claims
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  3. HHH

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    The CGS's letter in full;

    From Here;
    Defence in the Media: Friday 29 December - Defence in the media
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  4. I wasnt far wrong.
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  5. Bad CO

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    I thought this letter was worth its own thread especially as it is so spectacularly disingenuous

    Of course Nick Carter is correct that the Army FLC (i.e 'under my command') has been reduced due to the creation of entities like JFC. The suggestion that the number of senior Army officers has actually changed in any meaningful way is simply not accurate and he deserves a good shoeing for trying to suggest that it has. The actual numbers are as follows:


    Source data is the monthly statistics that the MoD now produces (details are here). Of note is that this information is now buried in a massive spreadsheet rather than up front in the main report which is the way it used to be done. Anyone would think they're trying to conceal it!
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  6. I think the phrase "Turkeys don't vote for Christmas" applies when it comes to cutting senior jobs.

    The dark blue is no different.
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  7. Why do we need 500 Colonels for 70,000 troops?
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  8. Of course we do, how else do you monitor sandwich eating and the issue of wafer biscuits?

    Besides someone has to keep moving the goal posts around on equipment specifications and procurement, plus of course select the PR bods for Army recruiting terminology.
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  9. Who are the other two full generals? CGS and DSACEUR obvs.

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  10. So, a politician caught in a blatant lie to the public and/or parliament is always called on, and expected to, resign. I take it the good CGS will totally blank that?
  11. How many Brigades do we have?
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  12. I sometimes think the problem is linking rank names to types of formations. People go 'blimey we've got 200 Captains, but only X ships in the Navy, something is wrong'. If we retitled things so people didnt have a rank, but a grade, then maybe people would be less het up if they saw the RN had 200 OF5 level staff.

    Perhaps we could call Colonels etc B2s from now on to make things easier?
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  13. At Andover nothing gets signed off without it going past the Assistant Directors desk; an AD (CS term) is a full Colonel.
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