More Generals than Regiments

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by This Tribe, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. This Tribe

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    Ok, the title of this thread is slightly disingenious but I notice that the General Officers Appointments notification slipped out the day after the latest redundancy announcement included the creation of two new 2* posts. Whilst I'm sure there has been no overall increase in numbers of Major-Generals, I'd question whether we really need a DG Transformation in AHQ (with associated staff I'm sure) and a Deputy Commander III (US) Corps? Announcing this on the day after several thousand people have been told that they have been made redundant also doesn't seem like a great decision either.

    For those who missed it the (UNCLAS) letter is below:

  2. Can't say I'm surprised, senior officers are becoming more and more like politicians and the desire to create 'jobs for the boys' is stronger now than since the days of the Empire.
  3. On the other hand there's more Admirals than ships..
  4. Someone told me that there are 63 men for every Brigadier or CS equivalent pay grade. Is this true? Or am I a gullible ****?
  5. Do you not think that the Future of the Army and it's integration with our major partner are worthy of leadership at general level? Should the two posts be LCpl ERE postings instead?
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  6. I'm sure they are. The question might be what 1*+ jobs are being discontinued? Or are these taking a 20% hit in line with the rest of the Army?
  7. I was at School with TJ Urch the new Chief of Staff Land Forces
  8. Gullible **** it's 64 men.=-D
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  9. I don't know the figures, however I would hope not. It's one thing to cut a 10 year private, or a passed over major but different to cut 1*+ without serious thought. They after all cannot be easily replaced
  10. What a c**t as Bde Comd let's talk about me and nobody else!

    Munch Me
  11. Apparently the word gullible has been removed from the Oxford Concise Dictionary.
  12. As strange numbers go..

    On OpTelic (2003) the orbat for 202 fd hosp had 2 interesting figures....

    26 Pte's

    27 Lt Col's

    Basicly every Pte had his very own batman!!
  13. To be fair, RAMC Lt Colonels do a job of work.
  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Dep Comd III (US) Corps? There's a thing. Any offers as to the differing Yank and Brit rationales for that appointment going to a Brit? I'm instinctively suspicious of both.

    Not so long ago, there were news pieces labelling the Brit Army as "America's Ghurkas". Not sure we should like the feeling of being incorporated into the Army of another nation in this way: smacks of "in thrall to" - even if it offers some chance of gaining an insight into other ways of doing the military thing.