More from USMC on New Infantry Automatic Rifle

That's how I read it, you would have thought they (USMC) would have had more sense and learnt from our LSW.Then again did they have any real problems with the BAR?
Jumpinjarhead explained in another thread that the IAR is in addition to SAW's in platoons, and that the concept of a mobile and light IAR fits with the Corp's ethos of lightning attacks and mobility. One interesting point though is that they don't issue LMG's on a scale anywhere near we do, thinking that it is unworkable. One per 10 man section if i remember correctly, whereas we have 1 per 4 man fireteam.

Personally i agree that the whole IAR/LSW 30 round automatic support weapon idea is madness, but that's just my personal opinion :)
Just because they have them doesn't mean they have to use them.

Having access to them is just another tool in the box when planning operations. A good idea if you can afford it.

Coincidently even when we got Minimi at Fire Team level we still kept LSW's in the section and at times they were put to good use.
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