More free Kindle books from Endeavour for 26/27 April only


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Some more Kindle stuff from Endeavour. A bit quirky but may still be worth a read:

Endeavour Press has two great books to give away today and tomorrow.

'Onthe Eighth Day, God Created Allotments' is David Boyle's fascinating socialhistory of that classic British creation - the allotment. A must-read forhistory fans - and gardeners.

And Yarah David's sparkling romantic comedy 'Lily:Jetset Misfit' is a treat for fans for Jilly Cooper or SophieKinsella.

We have some great new books out this week, including 'MycroftHolmes and the Bankers' Conclave', Raffles:Caught Out, and AdmiralInsubordinate, the biography of Lord Charles Beresford.

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