More free calls for UK prisoners than Black Watch

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by hackle, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. from today's Herald. Oddly, the MOD spokesperson forgot this time to mention "board games" as part of the comprehensive welfare package.

    (btw well done, Glasgow City Coucil - last paragraph)
  2. Note the weasel words there: "circumstances permitting". I've still got about ten phone cards left from Telic which I couldn't use because my detachment was too small to qualify for an OWP. On the odd occasions I was back at Basra Airport I was able to get an occasional call in.

    But I agree with Hackle - two thumbs up to Glasgow City Council :D
  3. Of course it's ridiculous to compare prisoners and soldiers. Prisoners have been convicted of committing crimes serious enough to attract a custodial sentence, whilst soldiers are merely serving their country.

    I'll remember that when I pass the posters in the Mess reminding me of TV Licencing's current campaign to impress upon us all that every room in a block or mess requires a separate licence; when I remember that I can't claim discount on council tax because the Mess can't be considered my main home; and when I see how much money the government throws at looking after prisoners' rights whilst prosecuting soldiers.
  4. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Good post Hackle; one might also point out the the 'free postage' refers to airmail forms and not to packages, that particular boon having been withdrawn many, many months ago. So, if you want to send anything other than thoughts to make someone's life more comfortable (or even to send out the pieces of personal military kit that the system does not provide or that has not been produced "just in time" (let the reader understand) :evil: ) you have to fork out for it yourself.

    And the X factor must be joke; if it were withdrawn, just how many (more! 8O) of our soldiers would fall below what our so-called governement considers to be a living wage and so entitled to various "tax credits"?
  5. Good spot Hackle.

    I had to hand in my phone card in my last place with over 2 and a half hours of calls still on it.....might be because I have no mates though..... ;)
  6. Darth, I also thought that was an excellent post at the top of this thread, until I realised it was from myself. Not sorry to see it revived though: Important stuff.

    Perhaps ARRSE could act as brokers in illegally transferring phone credits from those with no mates to those with a high requirement for credits: for example, bigamists.

    Interesting though to read Thing's post:

  7. Hmmm.....the perennial issue of soldiers and unions! Not somewhere we want to go IMHO, but connect Bickie's excellent posts in the 'At risk' thread, and you can see why some might support the idea. I am against it, as I feel that we have a chain of command that efficiently addresses the majority of soldiers' concerns, but it the large scale stuff that really causes the angst - and this is one of them.

    As far as this issue goes, I'm certain that a good answer does exist - in fact, Soldier magazine - and DSPS(A) in particular - briefs about these sorts of things every month. However, the answers are not well briefed to the guys who need them - the blokes with their soles on the streets of Basra, Kabul, and so on. Perhaps a truly efficient 'customer focussed' talking shop is what is required, but managing that and maintaining the C2 staus quo will be somewhat tricky, I feel.
  8. A truly efficient customer focussed talking shop - like ARRSE? :wink:

    The thought of a 'union' as they used to be in UK? I agree, Darth - completely inappropriate to the armed forces, chain of command must be paramount.

    I was surprised to find however that the spams seem to get by with the armed forces professional associations they have. Some seem to have a role in lobbying over benefits, terms of service etc without going on strike over it!
  9. I suspect that the traditional mistrust with which our Armed Forces are held in by certain politicians would effectively make that a paper tiger in any event, even if it did exist. Or am I being too cynical about the motives of those cherished few in the House?
  10. Just realistic perhaps, Darth!

    I see that there is also in the US a pressure group which lobbies to maximise number of veterans in both Houses/either party. No real scope to do that here (even if it was desirable) cos we havent had compulsory military service in this country for so long.

    I might apply my errm brain-sized brain to this a bit more.

    Maybe we should start thinking about the Armed Forces Bill which I think will be starting its parliamentary journey later this year.