More Foxhounds ordered at a cost of £50 million

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 2/51, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Hopefully MoD wont leave them all in Afghanistan when the Brits pull out, though I have a feeling they will, then 'Terry' wont need those motor cycles and Toyota trucks.
  2. Saw the report on BBC Midlands last week. Sounds a bit pricey at £1m each.

  3. Didn't someone say a while ago that it was too expensive to ship them back and put them into storage. What will happen to them? Blow them up? Hey ho... it's not as is we are bankrupt or anything!
  4. Honda! Pah... These fookers.

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  5. If I recall correctly - and I'm a couple of year's off the power curve (!) here, Foxhound was to be taken into the Core Programme as a new LPPV and, as such, will be funded, maintained and continued outside the Contingent-funded Afghan advsnture. Like some footy cup, Foxhound's coming home....
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  6. Anything´s got to be better than that death trap Snatch,pricey yes but how many L/R´s get wrecked every year and these things look to be pretty tough,just a shame it´s another Yank owned vehicle.
  7. I wish, just once, MoD would come out and tell the truth. Snatch was identified as unfit for purpose in the mid-90s and a replacement programme (FNIPV) was endorsed to replace it, with an ISD of 2004. This was quietly forgotten when **** all was done to deliver this replacement, and we lied to politicians when questions were asked about Snatch's vulnerability. Who remembers all the platitudes about Snatch being fit for purpose? MoD knew this was complete bollocks. Not just someone's opinion but that of the Approvals Committee who had signed off on the replacement. I predict they won't be asked searching questions.
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  8. It's almost as though the Taleban are a poorly funded and relatively poorly equipped terrorist grouping and not a first world army, isn't it?

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  9. Possibly. But do they come with central locking and CD player as standard?
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    :D I doubt it! A lot of the cost of the vehicle is in the integration of the additional systems beyond the core vehicle.

    £1.2m does seem excessive but great for keeping a few more GD employees in a job a bit longer.
  11. No need to boat them all the way back to Blighty just a short trip to the Gulf/ME region ready for the next instalment.

    It's only a matter of when not if..

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