More Forms! – Yes, but this one matters

It's odd isn't it? We spend a career being exhorted to keep things a s simple as possible, yet TPTB seem intent on making life after service so difficult to manage. You'd have though that someone with half a brain would provide Service-leavers with a one-stop shop for connecting with the sort of critical support you need when cast out onto the streets. Yes, I know about Veterans Gateway but it's like waiting for the good people at Kentigern House to respond to enquiries. How about a cloud-based platform that you can access from a smartphone or tablet that uses Qualitative Data Analysis and applied hermeneutics to 'read' the request for help, then direct it to the most appropriate agencies. No waiting for human intervention, can be configured for PERSEC concerns, and uses techniques well-known to the MoD.
You can submit Pen1 on JPA up to 9 months before your exit date.

It takes about 5 minutes and you just need to decide whether to commutate or not. After that you're on your own and will hear sod all until weeks after you leave.

I submitted Pen1 in March 18. Left the Army mid Dec, then only found out what my pension was worth last Sat.

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