More Forgotten Brit Allies

Bad CO

I've just received this by email:

I was advised by Audrey Gillan, senior reporter on the Guardian that your website might be able to help us in our work with raising money for veteran 2nd WW ex servicemen in refugee camps on the Thai Burma border. Since then the Independent has run an article about them by Andrew Buncombe see here. Also the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum has chosen Help 4 Forgotten Allies as its charity of the year.

Could you give us some publicity on your website please? Our website is here,maybe you could make a link to it? Would you be able to put an appeal on your website? Shall I send the full description of the project?

I'll be emailing back and asking for full details which I'll post in this thread.
Ive been following this for a while, mainly due to my step-dad being out there during WW2. I hope they make it easier to donate, i did suggest this, but it still appears the only way is the bank way. Personally, a worthwhile venture.

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