More feral thugs bring death to Britains streets

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Must be time to form a lynch party by now!!!!

    It is annoying to realise that none of these kids can be named due to age.

    If they are old enough to kill someone at whim, and in such a brutal fashion, they are old enough to be named.

    And dragged in to the court yard of the court and killed.

    More in the Times
    Teenager 'murdered young woman for dressing as a Goth'
  2. Has this been classified by the authorities as a 'hate crime', I wonder? The assailants clearly attacked her and her companion because of their appearance, which I understood was the necessary factor. Any peelers here know?
  3. The very next news item referred to a similar incident. The state has to bear some responsibility over the decades.
  4. Feral yoof need to be shown no quarter by the courts.

    Do as the Yanks do and treat them as adults before the courts,but not before mandatory full-life terms are introduced.

    These scum should be named at the time of being charged,and if they and/or their parents are on welfare,this should also be published.

    Those charged must face pre-trial detention,which upon conviction,will NOT count as time served.
  5. I still think these kinds of people would be more usefull as mine detection agents. You know let them run in front of a moving squadron
  6. This is one of the most sickening things I've seen. The sad fact is according to the reports the poor fcukers didn't even fight back, probably artsy types not used to the rough stuff. Fcuk me, I'm more of a heavy metal dude than a goth, but if some fcuking chavscum start I'll give 'em a good hiding. I reckon these chavscum picked on goths because they know they're probably nice middle class kids with no understanding of violence and they thought they'd get away with it. Gives me a strong urge to get out, find the nearest group of chavs and kick a few of them to death, but that'd make me just as bad...oh well just have to wait until someone kicks off then unleash the dragon. fcuking everyone who dresses in an 'alternative style' needs to look out for one another...
  7. I wonder where they will be sent to rehabilitate, Disneyland perhaps or maybe just a week at the seaside.
  8. Oh well, I'd imagine the perpetrators pert 15 year old ringpieces will be like a clowns pocket by the time the prison population's through having their way with them...
  9. Living in Staines you shouldn't have to wait long...
  10. My idea goes a little something like this.........

    Attached Files:

  11. Oh gee, how did Elton John get in there?!?!
  12. Robbiedont, you're not wrong me old son! Staines is one of the chav homelands, which may be bizarre considering its actually a reasonably well off commuter town, but somehow its overrun with hordes of fiddy-cent listening tracksuit clad w@nkers, showing stupidity knows no economic boundaries...
  13. re elton dispose of 100 feral yoof and you get a freebie
    though not sure what eltons done to rile you so?
  14. Candle in the wind......
    Sandle in the wind (The NASA Challenger crew re-make).......
    Pink sunglasses.....
    The list continues!
  15. I know, I used to live in Shepperton so had to visit Staines pretty regularly!