More fat outrage

I don't do outrage, but I will admit to a minor fit of pique that they are classed as disabled and have received assistance to enable them to cope with their disability, rather than being told to feck off and diet as whilst they have medical problems and mobility issues these only exist because they are fat lazy cnuts.
I despise both of them.

Sorry. The outrage bus is VOR (or red on JAMES if you must) due to a u/s contaminated fat trap.

Give me your GPC (or personal credit) card and I'll square it away. I'll even throw a copy of the Daily Mail in for free.


Stop all their benefits, job done or in their case job not done.

Force of One

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Burger and chips, macaroni cheese or fish and chips
Snacks: Bag of crisps, biscuits or sweets
Dinner: A ready meal and sandwich

Apparently this is all they eat! I think they may have left a few things out!
There's several gentlemen on this site that are the same weight as those two horrors and have wives like those two horrors also.

One of the afore mentioned gentlemen gets a reet sad on when you mention that fact and then reports your post.

Fatties, fcuking burn them.
well if that's being happy on benefits it must be hidden deep inside.

its also quite funny and sad at the same time.

how she slipped through the net I don't know

"I do like fruit, but it's expensive. It's £1.50 for a punnet of grapes. A chocolate bar costs 50p and I can get a six-pack of crisps for £1, so I buy those instead.
"Convenience food is cheaper. I buy paper plates too, so I don't have to wash up."


@celticguy . Just exactly what is this bet worth?
Manzur's? Wasn't that the PIE and MASH shop in East London. The fat-fecks must have scoffed the whole shop, just one lettuce leaf as the 'Healthy option'. :cool:
Tis is the bit that worries me

She was forced to argue her case for disability pay after a tribunal claimed if she wanted to work she could lose weight.
Ms Manzur won and now gets £620 Employment and Support Allowance and £320 Disability Living Allowance a month.

What hope do we have of getting the country back on its feet ending the benefits and entitlement culture amongst some. With idiotic decisions like that.

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