More evidence we are controlled by fools

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Poor Biden. He seems a likable and decent man but also appears to have the intellectual capacity of your average cocker spaniel.
  2. O-6 PAO's [aka 'Pentagon sources'] have been putting out the SEAL story for days to everyone from the Wall Street Journal to NY Times to CNN to FoxNews.

    Biden's an idiot but this isn't especially troubling considering it's been the lead story in every internet, print and broadcast news outlet known to man this week.
  3. Viurgil I see you have not changed in my absence in making lemonade out of our current masters' lemons. My reference was to the idiot Biden's most recent gaffe. It was also he who first spilled the proverbial beans earlier this week (theblogprof: Predictable: Joe 'Loose Lips' Biden Opens His Trap, Exposes SEAL Team That Killed bin Laden ) and the PR after that to which you allude was part of the politically driven effort of our current Masters to squeeze as much PR as possible (at the expense of any vestige of opsec/persec remaining) to bolster His badly dropping polling numbers and paint Him as a true warrior. This entire week could be a classic journalism school case study on how not to handle such a story, without even getting to the more troubling issues of the effect of the willy nilly release of details of the operation that have not served out larger national defense interests well but of course such things have never been very high on our current Masters' list anyway in spite of the ludicrous picture they are now trying to paint of Him as a real Commander in Chief.
  4. What bothers me more than the information about Seals is disclosure by "White House sources" that the team recovered umpteen trillion gigabytes of data on laptops, flash drives etc. AQ would guess this but why tell them.

    Also, apparently DHS sent info to state fusion centers about possible targets discussed in OBL's data and now the govt in Los Angeles is putting it out to the media.
  5. JJH Respectfully differ as the the Journalism School case study. It is an excellent study of how to disclose information to boost the sagging poll numbers of a politician in trouble. Looked at my local papers all week and the stories about gasoline being over twice the price compared with when Bush(43) have disappeared. It may appear to be a disaster to you, me or the average ARRSEr but to the WH staff it is victory. BHO's pole numbers are up 11% this weeek.
  6. I forgot the average educational level to which US media (and propaganda of our Masters) is oriented is the seventh grade. Your point is well taken in that event.
  7. I've spent my career at USASOC and JSOC; Bragg and Tampa are full of friends and acquaintances. When I say something about this issue I know what I'm talking about and I'll leave it at that. Biden's an idiot but the info wasn't far behind.

    And you haven't changed in your ability to promote any belief whether it passes the smell test of fact as long as it attacks the current administration. Which is fine--I'm not their biggest fan no matter what you think--but you seem willing to be part with a sense of balance and critical thinking while doing so.

    That said you're friends at the Tea Party and Birther sites are foaming at the mouth over the Biden slip. ;-)

    No, these are PAO & PR release failures not journalistic failures. They've been going on in aftermath of disasters, breaking-news, whatever, for years if you pay any sort of attention. They seem to have not allegiance to administration, politics or nationality.

    Doesn't excuse them though, I'll repeat since you missed it; release of information prior to debriefing is irresponsible.

    I could understand disagreeing with Obama--he wasn't my choice but voting for Palin wasn't in the cards--but I can't believe how anyone with any real intelligence could put forth the proposition he doesn't care about national security. That's sophomoric & left to fringe groups.

    He's the CinC whether & whether you like him or not he made the right call as things turned out. Are you that naive that would you not expect him or any politician to garner political hay over this?
  8. Speaking of education while you think your sig means one thing--a defense of a "Republic" over a democratic government a la Glenn Beck--you've actually taken it and distorted it from its original context. It's part of an attack by Lord Macauley on both Jefferson & the Constitution.

    You hate Jefferson and our Constitution? ;-)
  9. I am on my I phone so must abbreviate my response to address the key assertion of your excellent post ( you have apparently been training "Rocky style" while I your apparent nemesis Creed have been away)that sets up the rest of your retort.

    If you will step out from behind that apparent one dimensioned template of your own, that is exquisitely ironic given your assumptions and assertions about mine, you will see from myriad other posts of mine that I am an equal opportunity critic of progressives and professionAl politicians regardless of party affiliation. Obviously the current administration is going to be more the focus for me not only since it is in power currently but also becAuse it is doing historic dAmage to our Constitutional republic and the capitalist economy that underlies it. That does not mean I am a shill or sycophant of any of our previous administrations in the last 100 years since progressivism took root in American politics.
  10. I have wondered about this and am thinking maybe its a ruse. Prehaps all they found on his laptop were some pictures of camels in suggestive poses and his memoirs that read like Anne Franks diary. So the US has publicly declared they have the name's addresses and suicide belt sizes of every AQ operative to put the frighteners on them.
  11. Yeah,but that is all in septic land. Here in the UK we don't have fools in charge.
  12. That's what you think... most know better!
  13. Excellent! Suffice it to say if you have professional politicians then by definition you have fools in charge.
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  14. I'm guessing but I think the man with the van had his tongue in his cheek when he wrote those words.
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