More evidence that Clarkson is a good egg

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Carcass, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Quality. I'm a big fan of Clarkson. Did you watch that documentry he did on WW2? His father in law was a game bugger. Modest as well.
  2. Yep, big up to Top Gear, not the scum and Newton Dung who as the senior defence correspondent doesn't know how to abbreviate Lance bombardier.

    Edited to add,......and he's a chomper.
  3. I can't find a contact e-mail for JC. If you want to send messages of appreciation then they may get to him via
  4. I think Jeremy Clarkson is brilliant. Very, very witty. He's gone up in my estimations even more now.

    Well done that man!
  5. Mr Clarkson does rather a lot of things for the Armed Forces that get no publicity, out of the goodness of his heart and the only praise he gets for it is from the people he actually helps, which strikes me as just the way he wants it. I recall a story that was told to me by a friend that he visited Selley Oak just before Christmas last year (or may have been the year before) to visit the wounded service personnel and gave them a PSP each as a gift; paid for by himself, as a thank you for their service. I cannot comment on the accuracy of this as I heard it second hand but I have no reason to doubt it.

    He is a good person and I for one would like to see him running the country :D

    He even came out to Baghdad to visit the troops and spent some time in the workshop I was running...unfortunatley, it was a month after I left so I missed him....bugger!
  6. OT but is that right and the Scum has raised £1million towards their 'Help the heroes' fund.....................and are they now back in favour with arrsers?
  7. I agree. The Defence budget would be huge. You'd be going to war in the most souped up panzers known to man, health & safety would be a thing of the past as would any old eco-tosh and judging by his ever expanding waist line, we'd have pies back on the menu! Marvellous!

    Vote for know it makes sense!
  8. Why is it though that his Mum refer's to his 'accident'? A friend of mine had both legs blown off by the IRA and that was always referred to as an 'accident' as well. Soldiers are wounded in action not by accident. Best of luck to him BTW.
  9. Just changed my signature in his honour! (quote from one of his books)

    Clarkson for PM!!!

    (Seriously - Would LOVE to see him in politics!)
  10. Not as long as my Arrse points south. They could raise the equivalent of the Third world Debt and present it on a Golden Platter carried by Nubile Virgins and I still wouldn't wipe my crack with that rag.

    For every "We help the Forces" story there is a "Squaddie Rampage shame sex shocker" non story waiting to be written be Neutron Dung and his compatriots.

    Edited to Add

    But obviously Clarkson is a God amongst men and the only man I would allow to touch me where I wee from. Apart from the Priest but that matter is Sub Judice. :D
  11. A rampage that involved hundereds of Lc Bomb's?
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I've no time for the scum or newton numbnuts, but credit where credits due, a million quid is no small amount.
  13. Best of luck Ben and well done Jezza and the top gear team.
  14. Yes, amazing story - how on earth did he keep going through all that? Even amongst VC winners, his story left me dumbfounded.