More EH101s for Sunny Climes

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Furryturd, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. There is a duty rumour that HMG are about to magically obtain an extra six EH101 airframes at short notice from the local helicopter showroom to send out to the Bush/Bliar beach party.

    Should be interesting politically if true.
  2. Would these be the same ones offered to us by the Danes? Good news if it's true.

  3. are these the ones that were destined for the Dutch AF?
  4. The rumour involved some not quite so willing donations as in "Sorry, you can have yours next year instead, Pedro." as well as at least one from the land of Modernist furniture and bacon.
  5. Hope so, bloody good bit of kit and comfy and spacious to travel in too!
  6. how is it in hot and dusty?
  7. High level of serviceability in Iraq. Can't remember exact figures but it is somewhere in the high 80s in percentage terms.

  8. 6 from the Danish order with a quick DAS upgrade. Not because the Danes can't have them but mainly because the Danes aren't actually ready for them.

    Possibly 4 new build (not from Portugal)
  9. And flown by whom?
  10. Crabair.

    There is a bit of a cunning plan afoot. Pm me Muttley. ;)
  11. There has been some discussion on this subject on Rum Ration:

    Also remember that the RN has twice as many Merlins as the RAF. Yes, I know that they are not designed for troop carrying and don't have a ramp, but the ASW gear can be simply removed. A similar thing happened with RN ASW Sea Kings during the Falklands and they were called Pinglies (Pingers are Anti Submarine Warfare helicopters and Junglies are for moving RM and you about).
  12. If it's the same cunning plan I've heard .... usual crab crap bullcrap pouring out.

    Take a look at this link
  13. No Sam it's not that cunning plan. That plan is completely made up by people sat in front of a computer.
  14. floppyjocky,

    check your PM.
  15. Done....your turn Sam