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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. That reminds me I must dig out my "as used by the SAS/PARA" twisters and put them up for £35 with a buy now of £85.
  2. I keep meaning to get the kids to make some black rectangular eye patches "as issued to Operational Troops for use during photographs".

    Should be easy enough to make out of black card and elastic.

    Ought to be worth $10 of anyone's money.

  3. No frame? Alice straps? Cheaky bastardos, not bad for summat hes dug out of the loft.
    Now wheres my "SAS/Para kidney pouches" :)
  4. I think the seller forgot to mention the little visit that the buyer can expect from those men in dark glasses once the has taken place.....FFS! The picture of the second then, doesn't anyone here notice the extremely bad clour blending of the brown jacket, where the faux title and spine writing has been pasted??

    Nice try Mr Bush, but I don't think that even the Hook of Belmarsh (or "Rocky Hooky" as the Sun would have it today) would fall too deeply for that one..... :lol:

    Hang on....the seller of that is called "ecelecticseye"....That IS the the Hook of Belmarsh! shite!

  5. Second book

    That ones pukka mate. I have a copy. Handed down from my father. :wink: I coloured some of the 'Homer Simpson' console diagrams in with Craoyla but I will be interested in how much that one makes. :wink:
  6. First book:
    No writing...
  7. uck me, 11 bids too, rofl.
  8. Not bad for a Radio/ancils sack

    Now, I've got rather a lot of SAS/PARA Don 10 available, shall we start the bidding at say 50p a metre? :D
  9. !Quick release buckles