More Ebay Jokers

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Japster, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. I'm sure some of you Arrsers must have plenty of questions for our fellow 'Bill Oddie' on eBay - Just to ascertain the authenticity of this product..
  2. Right,i`m of down to Jewsons anyone want anything whilst im there?
  3. Can you get me a piece of 800 sandpaper as i need a new map ready for Iraq.

  4. I asked if it was suitable for growing desert roses. If this item was a spoof I expect it would have been added underneath but as it has not (along with other Qs no doubt sent in by Arrsers) it seems, horrors of horrors, to be "genuine"!
  5. I'm bringing a suitcase back at the end of the month, anybody want 20kg of Mesopotamia???
  6. Op TELIC water anyone?
  7. how do you prove or disprove this part?

  8. You may laugh but "Op Telic Sand" can get you in bother, a married couple from my unit who had both been over to the sand pit were off on a skiing holiday when they were stopped while going through security at the airport and female of the said couple was asked what was in her day sack (civvy type) as it had set something off when it went through security, anyhow they called over a couple of under cover special branch and waved the magic wand inside which started going haywire, on emptying the bag they discovered a bit of sand in the bottom that had been setting off the alarms, contaminated with D.U? who is to say but it was definatley what was setting off the alarms so be warned! oh and fair play to that e-bayer as there will be some numpty out there who will buy it!