More draconian powers trying to be sneaked in

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Feb 27, 2007.

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    Local authorities are seeking wide new powers to seize vehicles without a court order in a move that could affect thousands of innocent motorists.

    A private Bill going through Parliament with minimal debate has been promoted by Transport for London and local authorities in the capital.

    The Bill would give councils the right to seize cars, whether parked illegally or not, and impound them for all unpaid road penalties. The authorities would no longer need a court order to seize the car.

    The chief parking watchdog said that people with secondhand cars could find them seized and impounded because of outstanding parking tickets incurred by a previous owner.

    Caroline Sheppard, the Chief Parking Adjudicator for England and Wales, told The Times: “Your car could be parked quite legally outside your house and because on their list it has notched up three penalties it can now be seized. The DVLA does not record penalties incurred by a vehicle. Therefore if you buy a secondhand car you have no means of knowing whether it carries unpaid records.”

    The innocent motorist could face a bill of £180 for each unpaid ticket, a removal fee of £150 and a daily storage charge.

    “Under the provisions you would have to pay the back penalties or a bond before you can appeal,” Ms Sheppard added.

    The burden of proof would be on drivers to show that they did not own the vehicle when the penalties were incurred.

    What a country we now live in. Cloned plates are already big problem and this will do nothing other than penalise victims. (In case anybody had not noticed, criminals tend not to obey laws)

    Anything other other than put more Police back onto the roads
  2. They've never heard of "ringers" then?
  3. Illegal wars wouldn't cause a revolution but i think this might!

    On the up side the troops will come home faster, to perform peace keeping duties here!

  4. There are any number of threads and posts on here about how uninsured/no mot/illegal mods etc etc are making driving dangerous yet as soon as some solution is tried everyone starts crying.

    This sounds like a good idea to me. If you can't prove that you didn't own the car when the offence took place then you are probably to damn stupid to be allowed out on the road in the first place.

    Of course it will be a total ballsache if it happens to you but IF (a very big if there) it takes some of the shit vehicles off the road then it is worth it.

    So long as it ends up costing the "innocent" owner nothing then it might be a workable idea.
  5. The problem isnt proving it wasnt your motor at the time of any offences...but coughing up lots of dosh to the council before you get the opportunity to prove it wasnt yours...and then waiting how long to get the dosh back
  6. The basic idea seems fine to me but when the matter is put into the hands of Knosher and Gripper's Debt Collection Agency with Honest Wal's scrapyard towing your car away then it will probably fall flat on it's face.

    Like Honest Wal if he ever tries towing my car away.
  7. People are starting to get very annoyed with the government, and it's quite worrying.

    Government should start serving the people, and soon, otherwise things may start to get quite interesting.
  8. Oooooh here is a workable idea.

    You put traffic Police back onto the roads with backup from the Highways Agency support staff to nab theses blighters red handed using links to DVLC databases.

    But that has the slight problem that none of the fines and revenues then get hypothecated back to Local Authorities or in this case Transport for London.

    And that is what this is all about: money from Congestion Charging and future Road Tolling
  9. If you completed the paperwork properly when you aquired the car then proving the date you aquired it is very easy, just show them the registration certificate.

    Of course most of the people they are after are the one who don't do the paperwork because that way the vehivcle drops out of the whole tax and insurance window, and of course has no registered keeper and address.

  10. So I assumes Stephen that you will be fine with this system if it happens to you and you are without your car for however long it takes to provide the powers that be with the paperwork that proves your date of ownership?
  11. Who or what is or are 'The Chief Parking Adjudicator for England and Wales' ?
  12. Who or what is or are 'The Chief Parking Adjudicator for England and Wales' ?
  13. Don't know and I heard you the first time.
  14. I dont have a problem with this..... as previously said, if it takes the *ankers of the road then I am all for it.... wont ever happen to me because I buy new cars... when I sell my old car I ensure I COMPLETE THE NECCASSERY PAPERWORK for DVLCA. You cant be innocent if you have an unpaid fine????????????? *ucking scrap the Effers from the off, wont need congestion charge after a couple of years.
  15. If you're all so het up about it then John reid will be online for webchat on 10 downing st website in 5 mins