more dosh for Combat Stress

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Poppy, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. if the govt are increasing daily amount paid to Comat STress to 260 what does that actually mean? (going on the belief you can make statistics say what you want them to.........)

    Thursday 31 January 2008 15:47
    Ministry Of Defence (National)

    MoD releases latest Armed Forces mental health statistics

    The Armed Forces mental health statistics for the second quarter of 2007, published today, continue to show that the number of personnel assessed and diagnosed with a mental disorder remained low.

    The figures show that the numbers of Service personnel assessed with a mental disorder for the first time at one of our Departments of Community Mental Health were low - around 5.0 per 1000 strength, or 0.5% of the total Armed Forces population. The numbers of Service personnel assessed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for the first time during the same period were very low - around 0.3 per 1000 strength or 0.03% of the total Armed Forces population.

    Under Secretary of State for Defence, Derek Twigg MP, said:

    "We take very seriously the risk of Service personnel developing mental illness and we are committed to providing them with the best possible care. Defence Medical Services work hard to ensure that individuals have access to advice and treatment at the right time. We have put in place measures to increase awareness at all levels, and to mitigate the development of operational stresses.

    "We have mental health professionals deployed on operations and we are also increasingly using Trauma Risk Management (TRiM), a new model of peer group mentoring within the operational environment. If troops need further treatment, our mental health services back in the UK provide community-based mental health care within a military environment in line with national best practice.

    "The publication of the second set of results of our new method of collecting and analysing the mental health data demonstrates our continuing commitment to understanding the true relationship between service on deployed operations and mental ill-health - and to making the results available to inform Parliament and the public."

    Notes to Editors

    1. The 2007 Q2 Psychiatric Morbidity Report is available for download at

    2. It is our policy that mental health issues should be properly recognised and appropriately handled and that every effort should be made to reduce the stigma associated with them. The Ministry of Defence recognises mental illness as a serious and disabling condition, but one that can be treated. Diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in the Armed Forces is performed by fully trained and accredited mental health personnel.

    3. We have over 150 mental health professionals working across defence.

    4. All service personnel requiring emergency in-patient care are admitted immediately to an appropriate facility. Those with a serious problem are offered an appointment the next working day and those with other mental health problems are offered appointments within 28 days.

    5. As an interim measure, and to assist those veterans not in the catchment areas of one of the new community mental health pilots, we have expanded our Medical Assessment Programme (MAP) based at St Thomas' Hospital, London, to include assessments of veterans with mental health symptoms with operational service from 1982 and whose GPs are concerned that they may not understand the military background of the condition or the appropriate treatment.

    6. The MOD is the single biggest contributor to Combat Stress. Last year we gave them £2.5 million in fees for the care of individuals whose mental health conditions are accepted by the War Pensions Scheme as due to their military service. The MOD recently announced a further increase of 45 per cent in the rate of fees to be met by the Department. In cash terms, this sees the daily fee paid by the MOD to Combat Stress for the treatment of each eligible war pensioner increase from around £180 to around £260 a day. This represents a significant boost to the charity's finances. This substantial increase demonstrates the Department's continuing commitment to help Combat Stress play an appropriate part in treating veterans with mental health problems and will help Combat Stress deliver an enhanced capability to treat war pensioners.

    7. For more information visit the website
  2. Everyone is taking notice since i started raising money for them...

    Always a leader never a follower..

    Or just a coincidence :?

    Great news...Top charity and one that had been overlooked due to other bigger ones...
  3. are you saying you swayed the government? or would that be to imply you are a megalomaniac :D
  4. Always very keen to raise money for these fine people. PM me or call 07958 312 973.

    Of course, none of this gets over the issue of why we need to raise any money in the first place, but there you go.

    Best to all,
  5. Always very keen to raise money for these fine people. PM me or call 07958 312 973.

    Of course, none of this gets over the issue of why we need to raise any money in the first place, but there you go.

    Best to all,
  6. Yes it was down to me...Me i tell you!!!!!!!


    Will phone in a min..Thanks for the offer??
  7. Heh, you don't know what he's offering yet - could be a fist-a-thon! 8O :D
  8. Then i will say no thanks and send him your way...

    Thats what normally happens in these situations isn't it???
  9. No, MDN's the charity man and likes that kind of thing! ;)
  10. No worries... Anyway for me speaking to you more than once now you have to click the just giving link and sponsor me..

    Thems the rules i do not make them!! :D

    Go on..It is for a good cause... :oops: :lol:
  11. :D Arm has been twisted, sponsorship incoming...
  12. Thames, mate. Sorry about distracted phone cally bollix. All sorted.

    SPONSOR THIS MAN!! Or he will crimp one off in your herbacious border on the way round.
  13. Thank you very much..If only everyone was as generous..

    Thanks :oops: :oops:
  14. Cheers for the advice and phone call.. All the best...
  15. Actually, actually. Here's a thought. I'm located close to Brize and I happen to know that there is a "regatta" down the river Windrush every Summer open to all comers - sets off from the Swan at Swinbrook, for those who know the area.

    All you need is to construct a vessel out of planks and parts and pray that it stays in one piece until it reaches a pub a mile down stream. The downer is that there's a weir about halfway along the course.

    Anyone up for an ARRSE 'floater'? We could do the Herald of Free Enterprise and sink within seconds of launch.

    Or we could manufacture an Astute class sub, but that might be a tad expensive.

    Any thoughts, pm me. I'll find out when it's happening, etc. It was a good laugh last year and nobody sank.