More Demands from Islam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by grippar, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I want to download that but real player is playing silly buggers!
  2. Very eloquent and well put
  3. That should be put on big screens in places like Hyde Park and others around the country and played continously. It would be a bit 1984 ish but I could live with that. John Howard's speech could follow on suitably amended to say England.
  4. Sven will be along shortly to tell us that man is a Facist and we should be ashamed.....
  5. Well worth the time taken to watch it. Thanks for posting it!
  6. He speaks for me.

    I've no longer any regard for islam or muslims, at very best they are an irritation that I'd rather like washed away.

    If someone could come up with an embrocation that would repel islam & muslims I'd by it. Something called Repel-a-Mossie or islam-off....
  7. Words of wisdom, full endorsed by myself, soon to be taken off this forum for the obvious reasons
  8. Not because of the bigotry, surely.

    I got bored of the drivel in the first minute or two. :roll:
  9. Saved as a favourites, so they can delete it now :D , well put across, and pretty damn spot on!
  10. 100% in agreement.

    He looks familiar, who is he? a journo?
  11. I just did a google search on Pat Condell and on page two found a link from the BNP website singing his praises. Well if these neo-fascists think that this twat is worth watching...well that says it all. I won't post the link here as I will not dirty my computer.

    I do worry when people will visit this site and see the usual racist bigoted comments. If you are ex-forces (or a wannabe) then please refrain from posting such drivel here, as it will give visitors a view of the military of the past, not the present and hopefully not the future.
  12. Why would they take it down, Pat Condell has a load of videos on youtube, btw he is an equal oppertunity disliker of organised religion...facist?, just speaks his mind.
  13. simple just rub yourself in pork and you'll have them running
  14. Sanctimonious ********. You must be either an EOA or H & S mong.