More defence cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by QManWpns, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. Interesting article in one of the sunday broadsheets, that the Red Arrows may be axed.Considering the current political climate could this mean that the red freds may go to pay fro more of Bliars bone policies. Comments
  2. That would be interesting - the Red Arrows are very much a PR tool. Things must be tight indeed...

    May be the RAF top brass deliberately setting up a cut too far that will generate public outrage, to make a point.
  3. do the Army and Navy have a "cut too far" equivalent that could generate public interest?
  4. I reckon the public are so used to proposed defence cuts from our beloved government that its difficult to get too worked up about any of them. Tragic, i know, but true.
  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    A fairly standard tactic - offer options that are 'untakeable'. Imagine the outcry if the Army recommended the amalgamation of the Infantry into a single cap badge..... I bet it would save a lot of dosh though.
  6. The top of the airship tree, could do with a very severe Pruning, as a matter of urgency. The Navy is just as bad with their surplus of Admirals.
  7. The Green Jackets are amalgamating with the Life Guards....

    to become the Life Jackets!
  8. Group 4 to troop their colour next year.
  9. ViroBono

    ViroBono LE Moderator

    Red One has been giving interviews to the media, probably arranged by CAS. The Red's trips abroad are entirely funded by UK companies; in UK there is a token charge of £2000 per display. However, their value is immense, both in demonstrating the skills of the best aerobatics team in the world, and in promoting British built kit. They also have a retention value, since for fast-jet pilots it's the ultimate posting. Ground crew also aspire to be posted to the Reds, especially if they get to be part of the Circus - the ground crew who fly in the rear seat to shows.

    The govt are already planning to sell some Typhoons, even before they have taken delivery.

    The latest lot of cuts are all about Bliar wanting to send HMF on adventures around the globe to promote him as a world statesman, and Brown constantly refusing to fund defence properly so he can waste money on socialist nonsense. Add to that utterly incompetent procurement and a weak SofS for Defence, and the immoral circle is complete. The sad thing is that better men than any politician will suffer as a result.
  10. They got rid of Command Field Gun a few years ago. Not something I was into personally, but was sad to see it go.
  11. From Monday's Times:

    ARMY chiefs are being forced to consider axeing up to four infantry battalions as part of wholesale defence cuts across the three Armed Services which are due to be announced next month.

    The executive committee of the Army Board is meeting tomorrow to review several proposals for cutbacks drawn up by staff officers. “It looks as if three or four battalions will have to go,” a military source said.

    Cuts have been forced on all the Service chiefs because of a financial crisis at the Ministry of Defence. The Treasury has ordered spending cuts of £1 billion a year over the next two years. Military sources said that the Royal Navy and the RAF were to suffer severe cuts and that the Army was expected to play its part in reducing expenditure, even though troops were in demand for operations around the world.

    The sources said that after a review of manpower requirements in Northern Ireland it was now possible to recommend that “three or four” infantry battalions — about 2,600 troops — could be withdrawn from the province. These battalions would, theoretically, be “surplus”.

    The reducing commitment in Northern Ireland will release an increasing number of infantry battalions for other duties. Although this will help in reducing the overstretch suffered by the Army, the Treasury sees the peace dividend in Ulster as a way of reducing the Army’s wages bill.

    However, manpower cuts in the Army would be politically explosive, particularly because of the major troop commitment in Iraq and the expected decision to deploy up to 3,000 more soldiers to support the interim Iraqi government in the months leading up to the proposed elections next year.

    Even if the Army Board were to recommend axeing three or four infantry battalions, any political decision to cut the size of the Army, already only 103,770-strong, would be bound to be attacked by the Opposition.

    Military sources said that if forced to cut back on the infantry, it was more likely that the Army would focus on regiments that had more than one battalion, rather than axeing individual regiments. The Army currently has 40 regular infantry battalions.

    Short-term sticking-plaster solutions. This government's forte. :evil:
  12. Is it just me or has TB lost the plot? we have the busiest Forces in the World but not enough bods to cover the objectives...i remember when we were hit by all the redundancies in the 90's. great news if you were thinking of sacking it anyway, but essentially they binned all the experienced bods and we were left with an ever shrinking army, navy and airforce, whats next? should we scrap the whole lot and just build a 6' high wall around blighty and put notices up saying beware of the dog?

  13. What dog? It would have to be kennelled and fed from a Public-Private Finance Initiative or a Lottery grant. Last one out please switch off the lights...... :roll:
  14. the sign was a deterrent!, i knew we couldn't afford to buy a dog.