More dead in shooting incident?

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News on sky now. 4 dead in incident between militia and UK troops, doesn't say who is dead yet - troops or militia.

Please no mention of Regiment involved etc. You know the reasons.
just listened to conversation between BBC and Spokesman at Div HQ in Basrah, he said that they weren't getting any reports of the shooting incident and wasn't able to confirm. He was also unable to confirm number of fatalities in the Helicopter crash. BBC's Baghdad correspondent did say that the reports of Iraqi civilian deaths were solely from the Iraqi police, so that gives me cause to doubt their veracity for a start. Very troubling developments indeed. RIP guys.
And closed again.

Guys and girls, I know you want to discuss this, but I have strong reason to believe that we must hold off any discussion till a clearer picture emerges.

In the interim, the site is probably crawling with journos, so OPSEC rules until MoD issues a statement.


Not open for further replies.

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