More cuts or 2 +2 = 5?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. Only got round to reading my Sunday paper yesterday, can't see any other mention of this, if there is my apologies.
    So, there we apparently have it.

    Essentially, "same shit, different day."

    For what its worth, I think teaming up with France is probably aiming our sights a little high. The only sensible move will be a tri-partite organisation based on the forces of Belgium and Luxembourg.

    At least we will impress somebody.

  2. Strange that it's not been mentioned anywhere else.
  3. It was in the middle of the paper at the bottom of the page, nearly skimmed past it m'self.

    <dons foil hat just in case>
  4. They used to say that you could get the whole army in the old Wembly Stadium (127,000?) so this is just to make sure you can all fit in the new one.
  5. More media nonsense

    RN(exemptRM)/RAF have taken the hit pre-2015, the Army cannot take one until 2015 when we are allegedly out of AFG

    Then the Army's turn comes - after the RN and RAF have made room for the Germany-based bits to return to Blighty

    Then we are ready for 2020, which is supposedly when the armed forces are rebalanced

  6. Where did you think the £40m bonus the MOD is paying it staff is coming from?
  7. So my prediction from the future of the RAC may not too far off the mark:

    Way I see it is that there will be
    HDG x 2 (QDG and Scots DG, regional reasons)
    LD (RDG and LD, maybe called Royal Light Dragoons)
    L (QRL and 9/12L, cant think of a name))
    H (KRH and QRH, maybe just RH but confusing as old name)
    T (just RTR)

    all very logical but as ever it will not be what anyone wants.
  8. We can only hope that we will "do a Canada" and have a defence spending and manpower increase in 10 years or so
  9. There we go. Legacy Cold War heavy forces go when we draw down from Germany.

    Non story, nothing to see, move along.
  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    1938 springs to mind, stick the army in france to save the ferry fare later!

    its they way they see chucking away good kit as the right thing to do. nimrod had cost too much yes but no reason to throw it away when it was finally nearing completion. better to hold them to watertight contracts and stop all the delays they engineer in to keep the money coming in. look at the overspends and then check the bae profit sheet!
  11. Doing "a Sweden" seems rather more likely I'm afraid.