More cuts in the Defence budget on the way.

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Ord_Sgt, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

  2. Well it is clear in the article:

    “There is not an endless supply of money and people need to realise there is a serious financial situation and there are difficult choices to make,” one MoD official said.

    The Treasury is unlikely to step in to make up the shortfall, he added.

    A senior military source said: “What we are being asked to achieve is virtually impossible without wholesale reduction of UK forces worldwide. "" NUFF SED!!
  3. Why don't they just go the whole hog and offload UK Defence to the Boy Scouts?
  4. Like it or lump it, you have to hand it to the fatuous oaf Brown and his exceptionally cunning and successful plan to destroy the Armed Forces. As a control freak par excellence he will have known about, and quietly condoned the horrendous shambles in the Defence budget. He would have known that his failed government would not win the general election and thus, cleverly and so cunningly, he engineered that the Tories would execute the coup de grace and the final destruction of the Armed Forces.

    Make no mistake about it, whatever 'brave faces' the likes of Richards and Wall and the others may be putting on, this latest 'cut' will finish for good all three Services.

    If however, Cameron had the balls and intelligence to tell Osborne that all the funding denied to the Services by Brown was to be restored, then it may be possible to salvage some identifiable and meaningful Services. The money to be funded from: Overseas aid and 'Benefits' and the slamming of the door on ALL immigration whatever the commissars in the European Soviet Union say!

    This country is 'cream-crackered', I'd go further and say it is 'cattle-trucked'. Then guilty men: Blair; Brown and Balls.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    So nothing to do with the MOD's inability to manage its budgets then?
  6. I must admit to been surprised that the Tories set about cutting the forces after all the talk that they were more appreciative than Labour.

    Perhaps to pick up from msr's point, their first port of call should have been the MOD itself.

    Seems strange to have defence cuts (disguised as a review) whilst fighting a war.
  7. I was expecting cuts in the numbers of Headquarters we have, making larger but fewer brigades and divisions and just a general cull of all paper pusher type jobs, but that doesn't seem to have happened. I am also pretty shocked that the Tories have started hacking away at defence, when I voted I genuinely thought they were the best option for us but I can't help thinking Labour wouldn't have been doing this (admittedly it would all be borrowed money but hey).

    The thing that really makes me angry though is why the hell, when not just the forces, but all public services are being cut back heavily to save money, are we continuing to give 20 Billion a year away as aid?

    Also, the MPs voted to give themselves a pay rise again this year, shame the rest of the public sector don't get to vote on their own pay!
  8. £20bn foreign aid... so thats

    Nimrod MRA4
    UAV Drones
    Tornado GR4
    AS-90 + Challenger 2
    RN T22 Frigates

    all potentially saved.

    Yeah. Cameron&co have really got their priorities straight.
  9. Thinking about it more perhaps it's the Liberals keeping the high aid budget and letting the forces rot. After all they do prefer that kind of thing. If you think about it they actually have a huge amount of power right now, the Tories are unpopular at the moment due to the cuts, and if the Liberals pull out of the coalition then Labour would probably win an election.
  10. We're not. £8.4 Bn this year.

    DFID - Spending Review 2010
  11. Oh, well that's a bit better. Where I got the 20Bn figure from I don't know.
  12. £8.4 Bn is still enough to save Nimrod, the GR4s and some of the heavy armour. Quite a bit if you think about it.
  13. Yea, it's still a hell of a lot of money!
  14. Gosh you do talk some rabid shite, don't you?