More cuts in defence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TopBadger, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. Remember all the "No boots and body armour for soldiers in Iraq" articles?

    Check it out...

    Soon no vehices / air support too!

    I just waiting for some dipshi1te to get rid of our Rifles... and why not, we've hardly any ammunition...

  2. That actually beggars belief.
    I can't think of anything more erudite to say.
  3. Mr Ingram said the changes would significantly enhance the required frontline readiness of vehicles and aircraft at reduced costs.

    Eh ? How does that maths work ?
  4. The same way that amalgamating Inf Regts makes us more fit for role, of course! Haven't you been listening? Honestly...
  5. Call me a cynical tw@t but who feels theres an ultierior motive in all this. Gearing us all up for the Euro uber army??? I mean, cuts after cuts , famous regiments wiped out with a swipe of an accountants pen, a Royal Navy run on the US navys catering budget, Why bother with decent kit & rifles we,ll all be wearing a diffrent uniform soon carrying a HK or a FA anyway. Makes you wonder does,nt it ??? Nice one president bLIAR. you scummy tw@t !!!!!!

    Regards LT.
  6. Stand by Armor Group, once they have totally decimated our defence capability, it will be "Private Sector" defence. I guess the "Specialist" security firms will make a killing on UK Contracts? What do you reacon, PPP "Olive Security working in Partership with the MOD - Giving you a safer UK"
  7. When the decision to civilianise this work and create DARA was taken, in order to free up military personnel for their 'proper' duties, apparently, there was also a furore.
  8. Apparently there will be £2bn in savings as a result of cutting these jobs- but how much will the redundancy package cost?

    Mr Ingram said the changes would significantly enhance the required frontline readiness of vehicles and aircraft at reduced costs.

    As Barclays
  9. The First Lady's armoured car has to be paid for somehow!
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If pollys cut the number of planes, ships, tanks, etc then it is obvious that they will then come up with the 'We don't need you anymore' scenario for the support services. If they had done it the other way there would have been a long drawn out argument that the Government (aka those barstewards led from No 10) was trying to make cuts via the backdoor.

    If one has something to say about the barstewards aforementioned then they have at least been up front in shafting the armed forces. :cry: :?
  11. Good old Labour government really, screwing the armed forces, take the money and spend it I can not think what they have been spending it on actually.

    Except this gov appear to keep sending the forces all over the world with cr*p kit and dont give a monkeys arse about it!
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Dara St Athan has been slated for closure for a while as it is the most inefficient site that DARA had. When the MOD accountants put DARA up for sale earlier this year nobody would touch it because St Athan was al albatross round the neck of the rest of DARA.

    Fleetlands is a pretty impressive set up and the guys there are quite efficient and easy to work with.

    ABRO at Donnington is pretty much a model of flexibility and hard work. The staff are (were) well motivated and the Warrior and CVR(T) rebuild lines were a thing of beauty.

    I assume that Repaircraft PLC will now be grinning from ear to ear in the safe knowledge that they have just watched their biggest competitor get raped by Gordon Brown again.
  13. They haven't been spending it. They've been giving it away to people with their hands out and no intentions of ever doing anything but taking more of it.