More Cuts. BBC reports...

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Uzbeck, May 16, 2011.

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  1. May as well do away with all forces not comitted on current ops. When something occurrs and we need the kit, we can rent it from the Americans, like a tool hire centre. Aircraft carriers, spy planes etc.
  2. Last one out won't be able to turn the lights because we won't be able to afford light bulbs ffs
  3. Given that my current (non Army non MoD) goverment funded job is also about to go I cannot even begin to make rational comment on this sort of thing currently without resorting to profanity.
  4. From the military covenant thread.

    Hey, Dunservin, what's next weeks lottery numbers?
  5. FFS, can they not just stop f'ing around with this? I'm so glad that they can no longer **** me around like they are you guys. Who on earth is responsible for this seemingly non-stop erosion of our defence capability; it's pathetic.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Look on the bright side chaps, at least we can now afford lots of windmills and green energy.
  7. The CVF seem to be expensive white elephants. Surely a rationalization and rethink of our strategic carrier concept would be the best idea. Smaller carriers and a good number of them.
  8. Bit late for that. Small carriers need small aircraft. Still something tells me we will be glad of QE + POW when they arrive even if only to back up the national grid generation capacity when the windmills arn't turning!
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  9. Agreed, I thought Ocean was to become the Flagship once refurbed. Illustrious is a big hunk of metal just to be flying helicopters off.

  10. That would be the fall back, option I would imagine, ex USN F/A-18's or merge what's left of the FAA into 'Fleet Aeronavale' dans le France with shared Rafale M and PoW flogged off to the French.

    Any takers?
  11. I think even Cameron knows that the public will never forgive him merging the Royal Navy into anything, especially the French or Germans.
    It smacks to much of a EuroNavy, if the government tries that they can kiss the next election goodbye.

    I suspect we were never going to get F-35 of any kind post SDSR and that F-18 has long been on the cards. Not a decision I would have a problem with to be honest.
  12. Especialy if they chucked some EW variants and an Osprey based AEW into the bargain. Which I bet Boeing would be willing to deal on.