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More cutbacks on kit?



Tanks to be cut in radical army overhaul
LONDON (Reuters) - Military planners are preparing radical reforms to cut back previously planned orders of ships, planes and tanks, to devote more resources to high tech communications equipment, says the Sunday Times. The newspaper said a government "white paper" expected later this year would call for cuts of a third of the Royal Air Force's order of 232 Eurofighter jets and a quarter of the 160 Joint Strike Fighters ordered by the RAF and the navy. The army has been asked to look at cutting 42 Challenger tanks, the paper said. The Royal Navy would scrap two or three of its 12 attack submarines, on top of two which are already due to be cut, and curtail plans to replace its frigates. The firepower cuts would be made to free up funding for advanced communications systems, to stop Britain from falling further behind the United States in high-tech warfare. A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman confirmed that the ministry was working on a white paper on military reform due later this year, but declined to comment on specific details. "This white paper will look at future threats, future investment in armed forces," she said

Looks like they are staying consistant by taking more and more away from the MOD if the report is true.


Would not surprise me one bit if this was true. I also would not be surprised if someone who hadn't read up on WFM, TFR & Bowman misunderstood.

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