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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. RAF bases axed in defence review

    Two of these bases are air defence radar bases......
    Blunkett and Bliar spout on endlessly about the AQ threat.....
    9/11 came from the air....

    What the hell are these penny pinching ignorant sods on about? That t*at Ingram didn't even have the balls to make the announcement in Parliament, it was a written statement! He is in his constituency in Scotland scoffing fried mars bars!

    Anyone who has any interest in defence issues must do all they can to vote this pathetic shower out at the next election. It may not achieve much, but it will make a lot of people feel as if they have got their own back on the shower of parasites and liars at Westminster! Ah well, days to do!
  2. As usual, the London-based politicians and civil servants responsible for these cutbacks fail to take into account the devastating effect these closures will have on the local communities.

    Only Annington Homes will benefit, probably.

    Typical of the slimy lizards in Whitehall not to make the announcement in Parliament, where they can be questioned.

    As Mr PVRd says, vote them out ASAP!
  3. Pre-WW1 & Pre-WW2 spring to mind here.

    With a threat like AQ, what are they doing cutting us back! I can forsee that we (all services) will be visiting a few new locations in the near future. After all we are TBliars tool to get him the EU presidency!
  4. And vote in whom? Howard and the Blues are not exactly explaining how much they are going to expand the Def Budget, in fact there is a nasty little rumour that they will be slashing more wildly than Bliar and Buffoon.

    Nott's Navy Cuts - Up in Smoke

  5. not ignoring the effect on the local communities but like the fire service do you not think it could be due a scale down?

    radar has improved slightly on ww2 technology so do you not think that less sights are actually needed?

    as for the AQ threat... well they don't exactly have a large convential force do they?

    or can this radar pick up the small lunatic fringe with carbombs and chemical canisters?
  6. Redundancy is a key issue, if the single control centre associated with the radars is knocked out, what happens? Knocked out is a bit of a dramatic term - look at what happened when the Manchester telephone exchange caught fire.

    This is purely about cost cutting - there is no operational benefit to be gained by this action. Why not decommission one minister - why does there need to be a SoS and a Min AF?
  7. Quite right, it is about time they stopped re-inventing the wheel.

    Never Ever should your AD Command and Control assets be in one place, West Drayton was a prime example of that.

    A real bunch of prawns playing around with the nations defence planning :evil: