More council tax payers money wasted

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brettarider, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. Can't believe this it just gets worse hmm lets squat and leave shit/piss on the floor for every other skin colour to wade through
    A shopping centre has installed new "squat" toilets for Asian customers after bosses went on a cultural awareness course. Skip related content
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    Centre installs 'squat' toilets Enlarge photo

    The Rochdale Exchange centre in the Lancashire town denied going "potty" with political correctness and dismissed suggestions of the "Islamification" of the great British toilet.

    The centre, home to around 70 shops, said it was simply catering for the needs of many of their local Asian customers.

    Rochdale is a town with a large Asian community and managers at the shopping complex regularly go on cultural awareness courses, according to the spokeswoman for the centre.

    During the last course bosses at the shops suggested the idea of hole in the ground type squat toilets to their Asian trainer on the course and there was an enthusiastic response, the spokeswoman said.

    As the award-winning shopping complex was to refurbish its existing 14 toilets, it was decided to convert two of them, one for males and one for females, into squat toilets.

    The new toilets, also known as a Turkish toilet or Nile pan, require users to squat above them, rather than sit.

    They are common across many parts of the globe but rarely seen in Britain, which has a strong heritage of pioneering lavatorial invention.

    A spokeswoman for the centre said: "It is just about doing what any business would do. They are trying to meet the needs of the community they serve and this is part of it."

    The new toilets open next week.

    Centre installs 'squat' toilets - Yahoo! News UK
  2. 1 thousand years of the development of civilisation wiped out in a supermarket.
  3. It might possibly be a small step towards stopping these savages "squatting" in the street, something I witnessed on more than one occasion in the area of London where we used to live.
  4. Bugger.... as long as it's not compulsory that all Malls are equipped with Squat Bogs..... for a start with my rickety knees I would never be able to squat........ So I will have to wheel my own Mini-Wheelie Bin around when if I ever go shopping in Rochdale..

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  5. "Nile Pan"? They're taking the piss.

    Off topic, why does every word with re in it link to the Royal Engineers now? They're, we're, re-establish.
  6. The Corp's everywhere mate, Ubique and all that.... :)
  7. It's a sh t religion.....
  8. And why not????????
  9. Come on now, this is socialism at it's best. You lot wanted it and now you've got it...
  10. I sure as hell didn't want it or vote for it! Besides, as far as I was aware we got rid of most of the PC idiots about two months ago now.

    Given that it was council types (probably all white middle class) who went on this awareness course, the tendency of their ilk to get offended on ethnic minorities' behalves is well known, and the "enthusiastic response" of the trainers means nothing.

    A graduate development course that I went on (mainly populated by engineers) was hosted by a woman who was convinced that horses were psychic and could detect you coming from hundreds of metres away as you entered the electrical field generated by their heart. So, nothing to do with extremely acute hearing then.

    Luckily, one of my mates had done a fairly obscure degree in neuroscience and spent the two days picking apart most of her theories for fun. Don't think she was happy with that. The problem with these people is that they only ever meet (or listen to?) people like them, and so never get to hear opposing viewpoints, so their ridiculous opinions and ideas get reinforced by lack of criticism and we end up squatting to shit on the High Street.

    If this is to cater for the needs of the local populace, did anyone ever think to ask what the local populace actually want?
  11. As someone pointed out in one of the media comments;

    How many of those wanting these public toilets have got this type of bog in their own homes?

    Very few I imagine.
  12. I very much doubt that anybody apart from the beardie-weirdies on the Council actually want this type of bog...
  13. Rochdale = Sh1t hole, where's the problem?
  14. More council tax payers money wasted? Hardly "news"...
  15. Where does it say its the council? This reads more like a commercial organisation to me.