More coolness - PARIS



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I need to appoint a Moderator for NAFFI Bar. I really must get round to that.
Hardly something to brag about. I am more intrested which british bird has had the most cocks up her hoop.... So then I can extended that record by sticking my purple headed warrior deep inside her ronson.....

The hours must fly by in your household....zzzzzzzzzzzz
More the back door action for blarts - Mark ronson like his music wouldnt want to shag him though- looks around the thread for Jarrod......

Mark The Convict

Strange - no plaited beards or anoraks visible, I thought the place would be littered with them. The 'Swedish lesbian enclave' was a bit disappointing as well.


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What is it with you and wanting to shag Mark Ronson all the time?!?
So, just out of curiosity and because I have limited time on my hands, let me get this straight? You WOULDN'T shag Mark Ronson? Given the opportunity. With a clear exit strategy and backup if needed.

You wouldnt shag Mark Ronson?

Right. Just so we are clear. Carry on.

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