More control measures

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Yet more State Control Measures being saught by the Government.
All cars to be fitted with a Tracking Receiver. They'll be stoping criminals today, and just Tracking the general public tomorrow. Pay as you Drive through the back door.

Text messages could be used to stop stolen cars

Police could use text messages to switch off the engines of getaway cars. They could be given the power to stop cars remotely as a result of trials being carried out by the Home Office.

It has asked for companies to come up with schemes for "vehicle stopping technology" which would enable officers to stop stolen and getaway cars.

The aim is to cut the number of high speed car chases, which have led to the deaths of officers and civilians.

"If new technology can help police stop vehicles more safely and more effectively then it is right that we look at all the options carefully," the Home Office said. Full Story


Surely this is a WAH!!! Any technology can be bypassed by wrong doers.

Older cars would not have it fitted so these would be (and normally are) the ones stolen for this sort of thing.

Fit "tracker" systems to all cars, follow by air and then bring the ground forces in at a safe (slower) speed, then kick nine shades of **** out of the culprits.

When convicted of crimes - punish, don't praise. For the third strike, surgically remove a hand for theives (cancel all DWP disability benefits), a leg for violent crime, the right foot for dangerous drivers and another extremity for sexual crimes. The Sharia Law system has it's good bits!
Anyone read this?

Britain Held Hostage: Coming Euro-Dictatorship - Britain and Europe S. No. 1

by Alice Leach, Frederick Forsyth, Lindsay Jenkins


This is the story of a secret war, not waged by Britain and her allies, but by diverse groupings of British and American politicians - many of whom were Fabians - and of French and Italian politicians, all from the resistance movements. Despite their diversity they had one aim, the destruction of the nation state, and one relentless commitment, to a politically unified and socialist continent. "How is it possible to persuade a nation state, with over a thousand years of independence, to hand over its ability to govern itself to another power?" That is what has been happening since Britain joined the EEC 25 year ago and that is one of the searching questions posed in this explosive book. In "Britain Held Hostage", Lindsay Jenkins, who for 10 years was a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Defence, shows how successive Prime Ministers and politicians have either failed to understand the true nature of the EU or, knowing its real purpose and destination, have deliberately lied to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth. She proves in this compelling, alarming and readable book how a small group of young British and American politicians, who met at the peace talks at the end of the First World War, took advantage of the political chaos created by the next war to begin a new European State, a first cousin to the Soviet Union. Today, with EMU only months away all the building blocks are nearly in place, though it has taken over 40 years, much longer than the pioneers believed. One police force, europol, is around the corner; one legal system (ending British trial by jury and habeas corpus) has been planned in detail and in secret. Already British law is subservient to EU law. The last - and most contentious - piece of the jigsaw will be one army under one command foreshadowed in eurocorps. Federalists believe the EU will soon be strong enough politically to dismantle NATO though they pay lip service to it now. Jean Monnet explained the first attempt at a European Defence Community when the Korean War threatened world peace, 'We could no longer wait, as we had once planned for political Europe to be the culminating point of a gradual process, since its joint defence was inconceivable without a joint political authority from the start.' The EDC failed because of French fears of a rearmed Germany. French fears can no longer contain German ambitions. Today Germany is dominant in the EU and has been its chief paymaster since 1957 and the Treaty of Rome. Those who once hoped for a socialist regional government in Europe, a stage beyond the nation state, now have to recognise that, since German reunification, power has passed to Bonn - and soon to Berlin. The aims of Kaiser Wilhelm, built on Prussian control of Germany, and of Adolf Hitler may now be realised. Many people scoff at the suggestion of striking similarities between Hitler's plans for Europe and today's German-dominated EU, yet a close examination of the parallels outlined in this book, makes frightening reading. The author reveals how many of the men who served Hitler managed to survive. 'Only in the highest ranking Nazis were removed...Most who served in the wartime Reichsbank quickly returned to its successor, the Bundesbank. In the 1951 German Foreign office, 134 out of 383 officials and employees were former Nazi party members...So it was in most other walks of life. All danced to the new tune, but the ideas practised by the Nazis did not die.' Waterstones
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