more chopped arrse

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hot_chick, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. You should definately trim ur pubes, there is nothing worse than getting one caught whilst doing the business. You would hate it if it was the other way round - and you never know, you might even get more pleasure down there from ur missus!!!
  2. Excellent first post 'chick.
  3. So when should you trim your pubes?

    Erm...not in Sainsbury's?
  4. Told my other half about this chat last night, he went straight in the shower and had a trim, i think he thought i was hinting, well maybe just a bit, but it worked.
  5. Did you reward him with a "willy kiss"?? 8)
  6. my wife love's to lick my bold bollox.
    an i love her doing it.
  7. Cuddles:

    I'll leave that one up to your imagination.!!!!!
  8. Boooo come on hot chick answer the question you'll feel better for getting it off your chest !! Going back to the thread getting the clippers and veet out once a week to maintain the garden is the best plan as you never know when you'll strike lucky!!
  9. Full body massage, blow job, reverse cowboy and doggy style to finish!!!!!

    And you wouldn't get me putting wax anywhere near my pu$$y!!
  10. I much prefer shaving her completely with a razor, takes a little bit longer but without the pain.
  11. Hot Chick unfortuantly as you half an other half and I'm an honorable man I have to resist the urge to declare my love to you after your posts !!!
  12. im not honorable, so if you get bored of the other half p.m. me, i will shower you in man fat without a second thought.
  13. No! Not pretty. A lady in a white coat and a tub of hot wax is the only way forward.
  14. There's nothing wrong with personal choice, never had any complaints on the results of my shaving!!!
  15. I'm a gwar so I think it might be different... :(