more Chinooks on the way

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    apologies if been done, but couldnt find any reference to it -

    'The Government is to order 20 troop-carrying Chinooks after the families
    of soldiers killed in Afghanistan told Gordon Brown they blamed their deaths on helicopter shortages.
    The news came as the Ministry of Defence announced the death of another British soldier in Afghanistan, bringing the total number of deaths in the conflict this year to 96.

    The face-saving £1billion deal with US aircraft-maker Boeing was being seen last night as a desperate pre-Election move by Labour to defuse the helicopter row.

    The first of the Chinooks is expected to be deployed to Afghanistan within two years, but many will not be ready until 2017 – by which time the Tories may be in power and Britain is likely to have pulled out of the war-torn country.'
  2. Funny how Broon can fast track some more Wokkas into service through CHAPS when he's desperate to curry some good PR for an election.

    If he'd done this years ago there would been less coffins coming back through Brize.

    Blood for Votes anyone?
  3. 2017????

    We need them now, not in 8 years time :x
  4. Why don't we use Blackwater :p
  5. Becuase no one has ever heard of them :D
  6. In eight years time, natural wastage and wear will probably have reduced the fleet by , oh, about 20 airframes, leaving us with a net gain of --Nothing.
  7. Then you get more, we need more choppers and only getting the last of the bunch ordered by 2017 is not good enough.
  8. Defence Procurement is a difficult job.

  9. I suspect a large part of the reason we're not overly fussed about retrieving downed Wokkas is that it's just not worth risking a blokes life for a cab that's almost time expired.

    Take Bravo November… 30 years old and been to every war we've been in during that time..
  10. Actually f()ck that. They fecked it up
  11. Yep all them backhanders, dinners, making sure the current Defence Secretary's family have been awarded some of the more profitable contracts. Then saying sorry it is over budget/out of date/wrong for current role* we will have to cancel it and find a new supplier.

    Or am I being just a tadge cynical

    * Delete as required
  12. Aquiring the airframes is the easy bit, there is also the small matter of techies and airframe drivers, who are definitely not available off the shelf in Tesco.
  13. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Why do we always seem to roll this out as an excuse for not being able to react

    What is the lead time for a new build Chinook
    What is the conversion time for the Lynx, Puma, Gazelle and Sea King drivers

    Don't know, just asking
  14. I can understand they need to be updated for desert conditions and the software updated. But these bad boys ordered in 1995 have sat doing jack in hangars for over 10 years. Oh well.

    Back at school, when we pretended we were in the army at CCF. We waited on some dead ground for our instructors to meet us. These blokes from the Irish Guards turned up in a land rover and said the Colonel will be here soon. Then this big whap whap noise came over the horizon and landed infront of us. A chinook. To drop one bloke off. Super
  15. because 10 special-doing chinooks for the SAS are obviously way more important than 10 regular chinooks for the guys out on the ground.