More CHAV than Cav

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Danny_Dravot, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. Is it me, or are the latest generation of YOs a bunch of over opionated CHAVVERS?
  2. I give this almost no seconds at all in this forum....get a grip.

    Or move it to the NAAFI.

  3. What, they hang around in groups, listen to Goldie Looking Chain, be drapped in loads of cheap, crAp "bling" jewellery from Elizabeth Duke and wear Burberry??

    Of course they are chopsy - they have just finished at the Factory where they were at the top of their tree. When they get to Regt/Bn, they will have that chav-ness taken out of them and it will be replaced by more Officer-like behaviour.

    Unless it is the RLC, when they will sit in their rooms, not talk to anyone else and have plated meals. ;)

  4. Apologies for this D_D, couldn't resist!

  5. Chav's maybe not but if you look at the Yo's leaving the factory they will all have uniform on even if it is not green and brown patchy stuff. You can spot a new Yo at 1000 yards. The "chaps" will have a selection of brown footwear, mole skin trousers of some form and either a polo dress shirt of polo T shirt. The "ladies" will have badly tailored shirts trousers badly tailored and the most horrific court shoes know to this planet.
    Maybe we should make them wear chav kit would be far more entertianing!!
  6. erm, moleskins and sports jackets are pretty Chav. I see Chav as a state of mind, not a fashion statement!

    Besides, I've never seen the correlation between standards of dress and standards of officer!
  7. Nope, but getting increasingly self-centred, see the Army as a job and not a way of life and conscious of their "rights". May be generalising a bit but have enjoyed enlightening some young' uns as to what it really means to be a junior officer. Also, heard a story of one cadet at Sandbags going for an interview with the Paras. Said (well-known) General is there and says "so, what can you do for the regiment?". Cadet allegedly relaxes into his chair, gets comfy and says "let me turn that around and ask what the Paras can do for me?". General goes ballistic, hits the desk, proclaims the cadet to be identical to a lady's front bottom and throws him out of the room. Quite right too.
  8. Sounds a bit like the poor Colonel fellow who interviewed me for RTR when I was at Sandhurst. When offered a place I replied 'I would need time to consider it as I was being interviewed by the RCT later that morning'. Thought he was about to have a seizure being considered and compared alongside the RCT!!! Needless to say I became a Trog.

    Well how was I to know!!!?? Being a Zimbo and growing up in the Rhodesian era, just, the forces were infantry heavy with a few add ons. Despite doing a POC I was still a little ignorant and insensitive to various regiments sense of self esteem and place in the British Army.
  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    At Sandbags in 1990, having put down my regimental 1-4 choices, I marched in for an interview with the P*r*chute Regt Rep, a Major Fr££r (some of you might know him). I halted, he looked up, I saluted, he said "no-one puts my Regiment down as second choice - now fu ck off!", I saluted, turned about and marched out. All over in about 10 seconds.

    Funnily enough I ended up working for him 9 years later. I marched into his office in Aldersh*t and halted, he looked up, I saluted, he said "don't I know you?", I said "yes sir, you told me to fu ck off 9 years ago", he said "did I, oh good".
  10. Hope you did as well as he did cos he 's a maj gen now!
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  12. Commandant of RMAS expressed a similar view a while back. That's what you get for hiring graduates in ridiculous numbers.
  13. Bitter non-grad me thinks!
  14. Classic.
  15. How lovely to know that even the RTR feel they can look down on something...My first realization of this whole "One Army? - bollocks!" came when I saw a certain Russian aristocrat driving around Durham with a car sticker that read "You're either Cav or you're not...fractions don't count"