More chav mugging SCUM needing euthanasia

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cometcatcher, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Pure SCUM!!!!
  2. Welcome to Bliar's Britain. Hope the chap recovers, and the scumbags get what they deserve.
  3. Knee-capping?
  4. Poor French kid... let a couple of girls beat him down.

    ugh... sorry cruel attempt at humor...
  5. No probs, Khyros, humour is the only way to stay sane in Britain any more. It's shocking what happens now. We have a whole generation of Chav scum with zero respect for anybody now. It's a bad time to be in the UK.
  6. Your not alone, we have quite a few less than desirables being raised across the board as well. There is hope though... we both still have quite a few good young men volunteering to serve. Question... this term "chav" is it a descriptive amalgamation for trailor trash and street punks?
  7. These cnuts over here an only attack people in gangs but go crying if you retaliate and give them a shoeing back. Lock all of the tw*ts up.
  8. I agree with the sentiments about the scum but don't fool yourself into thinking that it's a British problem. It's world wide, I've travelled extensively in Australia and I can assure you that they have their share as , according to Khyros, does the USA. Th ething about being proud of being British, as I am , is that you don't follow the popular trend of saying that tha UK is the worst in the world. We are still the best, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else and I refuse to be ashamed of being British (Welsh) just because of a very small minority of pillocks.
  9. Too true. On many occasions where I live there has been lads and some mates attacked by groups of chavmongs, but if anyone was too walk upto one of these lower beings they back down, and then and hour later they come with around 20 mates looking for you :wtf:
    Actually one lad I know who was attacked has now gone on and joined the army and is preparing for Afghanistan in the new year I think. Shows he's much more of a man than the chav scum.

    And I know of one of these chavs who went to do basic training(or whatever it's called) and ended up coming home because he didn't like being shouted at and being told what to do. :roll: Rant over.
  10. kyros- Chav (where I live chaver) - sort of people that trailer trash would look down upon. Types that make Springer's guests look positively Ivy League.
  11. Given bail- ten stokes of the birch more like.
  12. Chav is a wonderfully equal term that can be applied to male and female uneducated unemployable rat-faced little outpourings of our social housing estates, who do feck all but sponge off the state, spawn equally useless children and steal from and damage everything else around them whilst giving out an arrogant attitude towards anything decent.

    The Scots have an equally expressive term, "ned" or "non-educatable delinquent".

    After particularly bad shifts at work I often express the opinion that chimneys are too good for them all, but Mrs Point gets a bit freaked out by the final solution to the chav problem.

    If they give me a slap at work it's fair, but if me (a police officer) gives them a one back or gets my one in first-and I've never needed to stick one 'cos they're all soft when it comes to a proper fight-then it's tears and lawyers all around.
  13. Terrible! Sadly it happens all-to-often :(
  14. Chavscum is a usful website if you must read about these things
    Also, if you are lucky enough to be buying a house then Chav Towns and The Knowhere Guide could save you and your nearest and dearest from making a terrible mistake