More celebrity paedophilia accusations.

If they haven't bummed some little boys i'd be very surprised.
Even if they haven't, we can still have a right fucking chuckle at this story

In April 2007, while on holiday on the Greek island of Kefalonia, Paul broke his nose and received cuts and bruises when he lost control of his motorbike after suddenly braking to avoid a goatherd and his flock of goats. Tourists who stopped at the accident, instead of helping him out, shouted out the Chuckle Brothers' catchphrase: "To me, to you."[SUP][[/SUP]
he stops quickly while near a flock of goats and recieved a kicking from the goat herd for trying to make entry......

Mark The Convict

Has anyone accused Weary Dunlop or Phar Lap yet? What about Breaker Morant? An obvious suicide, he must have had something to hide...
Can't any of these 'sleb cunts be into Scat, just so we can see how the Daily Mail or Telegraph would implode trying to write about it!
well he was of legal age, who wouldn't want to plough a 16yr olds tight fresh quim.
Not legal where/when he was though - you retro/geographical pervert.

Or was it the age difference that was illegal?
Or even better, shitting on a dead animal.
That they killed themselves, with a gun.

That should push about every single outrage button going I think.

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