More Carillion fall out -soldiers with no heating


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The paper version is somewhat better.
I know it is going off thread a bit but the reporting of military matters in the Telegraph contains too many "inaccuracies" these days.

Compared with what it was the paper version of the Telegraph has gone downhill very fast with its "women, women, women" approach (or should it be WAG, WAG, WAG). Anyway I found it had deteriorated so much I stopped buying it.

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Even travelodge have there issues, in London where occupancy is always high

The maintenance seems to be lacking their, and the risk of bed bugs, hot water not working etc seems to be an issue

Outside of London they seem to be fine everywhere

Can't see Travelodge being anything but an improvement though, and they are easy to haggle with if you want to block book rooms so it's not such a daft idea
The French Group Formul 1 woul dbe good, they build their hotels in a modular construction, standard design of reception and mess area, expandable as required
staircases like wise and shower and toilet blocks are dropped in alongside accommodation
would be a great way of building Accommodation for the singlies
they could probably come up with a modular design for married quarters
and so one
would keep costs down by standardising, spare parts likewise and easy refurb
dunno why no one has thought of it

if it takes off I want a Medal !
The French Group Formul 1 woul dbe good, they build their hotels in a modular construction, !
All Allenby Connaught new builds are modular as is SLAM. The MoD went modular for barrack accommodating 29 years ago. The Allenby structures are pretty advanced; much more robust that F1 or any of the modular hotel builders.

There isn’t much modular housing built in the UK.
To be brutally honest, looking after an accommodation block is not rocket science.

Housing in one form or another has been around for over 2000 years. FFS, even the Romans had central heating.

OK, building a new destroyer is complex, but fixing the central heating on a building or the hot water system isn't.
Keogh Barracks - home to Phase 2 RAMC trainees. Due to decamp to darkest Staffordshire anytime someone can get enough pound coins together to make it happen.

Relocation was planned in 2003 - and yet to happen.

In 2002 there was a list of the Top Ten worst Army SLA in the country - Keogh Bks didn't make the list.

Back then, pre-SLAM - the Army spent £14M on what in Afghan would come to be called a Quick Impact Project.

Simple brief: make sure every soldier in the UK had hot water and no rain coming in.

My boss of the time called it ' a fluoresecent sticking plaster on a gaping wound'

Good to know that in the intervening 15 years, despite SLAM and the super garrison projects like Project Allenby/Connaught , there are still Army locations where soldiers would rather be on ops than living-in.
I'm pretty confident that the Part 2 trainees, of all three services, went off to Lichfield some years ago. And I can confirm that DMS Whittington has had a lot of cash spent on it, having been there a few weeks ago.

I believe it's 4 Med Regt, 22 Field Hospital and some odds and sods from DMG Frimley Park at Keogh now.

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