More Canadian tanks for AFG

Discussion in 'RAC' started by hansvonhealing, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Canada to buy German tanks for Afghanistan duty

    BERLIN - Berlin Saturday confirmed reports that Canada is to buy German Leopard tanks to equip its forces serving with the NATO multinational force in Afghanistan.

    The defence ministry said it was examining a request to that effect from Ottawa, confirming a report in the magazine Der Spiegel due to appear Monday which says that 80 A4 tanks could be bought from the German army reserve.

    ‘The ministry is in principle favourable to this request,’ a spokesman told AFP.

    Spiegel says the Canadians also want 20 Leopards of the latest A6M type which are mine-resistant, of which the German Bundeswehr regular army has 40.

    But as the German manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann cannot deliver them at once, Canada wants to lease them from the German army, according to the magazine.

    Canada has 2,500 troops deployed against the Taleban in the south of Afghanistan, while Germany has a force of 2,950 serving with the NATO International Secuirty Assistance Force in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

    Are tanks a good idea, or a liability in AFG?
  2. Depends what they want to use them for, and they seem to only want a limited number that would actually be good for moving in.

    The Germans have leased things before, they leased/loaned us some kit during Granby.
  3. The Canadians have a squadron of Leopard 1s there at the moment which seem to be proving useful. I read somewhere the incoming British brigade commander (of 12 Mech Bde) requested that a squadron of Challengers and a company of Warriors be included in his force package but was turned down. How accurate this is I don't know.
  4. I know the aren't strictly tanks but A Squadron from QRL's are due to be posted to Afghanistan. I expect scimitars will be going with them?
  5. As a Canadian Tanker, I have yet to hear of this decision. Hopefully it works out. we have jumped the que in getting the C-17 Globemasters. First one will be delivered in Aug this year. So some things are starting to be positive, after years of neglect. One would have figured that the germans would have left us, their Leo 2's when they left Canada a few years back. But that is life.
  6. Scimitars have been in Helmand from day 1, operated by the Household Cavalry. Presumably the QRLs will simply take over their vehicles. There are also the RM Viking tracked vehicles. According to the MOD website these are to be retained in AFG after 3 Cdo Bde leave and some Marines will still be there as drivers and commanders.