More Britons signed up

So far I have lots of british soldiers in Iraq as well as a small group of macedonian soldiers (also in Iraq), one Aussie (also in Iraq) and some german navy soldiers that are sailing around the world and are just looking for pen pals.

Letters came in from China, from all over the States, England, Germany and Spain.

Donations came in from England, US and Germany.

But we are in need of more help. We have more Soldiers than donations. More Soldiers than letter writers.

I wrote to Newspapers in the UK but never heard anything back and to be honest, I have no idea of what to do to get them interested. Do I have to dance naked on a table and wave a "Support the British Troops" Flag so they would write a little note about SAE?

Anyone interested in helping out... We are badly in need of donations. No matter of how small it is, it will help. You can find more info' on making donations over here:

Also letters and cards would be nice. They all want to hear from back home. Your letters will be distributed.

Many people ask for adresses, but please please understand that we have to keep them confidential. You can write letters and send them over to:

Soldiers' Angels Europe
For Distribution to British Troops
Attn: Miss Weiland
Postfach 10 02 06
48051 Muenster

And we get them out to the Troops. Leave your contact info in the letter and you should be fine and may hear back from them.

Today a couple of Soldiers joined who are over at baghdad, one of them is a female soldier from the Royal Navy.
This is one of the messages we got back:

Having our lone Brit and Aussie here I know that sometime an office full type A Americans is probably taxing, so your sending a special gift for them (with their name on it) made them feel extra loved.

We have been so very well taken care of by the Angels, the gift and letters and prayers go a long way to raising moral. Let everyone at Soldiers Angels know you rock.

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