More British Troops to Iraq


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Don't forget the 'Peace Dividend' now that NI is fluffy and soft, and the 'real time increase in capability' caused by the latest cuts, er, re-shaping.
Anyone see Rumsfeld with David Frost on BBC24 last night?

Sorry , only just stopped seething .

Optimistic view : We're stepping up training to get out of there soonest :D

Pessimistic view : It's going to hell in a handbasket, and those we have trained so far are in large part not making any sort of difference, and are riddled with insurgents. :(

Which is it?
And all this on top of a NAO report that says the british armed forces are dangerously close to being unable to mount operations if the current deployment/training programme continues !!!
Call me a cynic , but aren't the fireshirkers about ready to strike again , and when they do, will we be expected to cover that again?
Or heaven preserve us , another foot and mouth outbreak?
furry_dude said:
the brownies?
be funny if that did happen, these little girls are directing traffic and fighting fires ! :lol: mind you they might even make a good job of it too !


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WallabyJack said:
I cannot get over there no matter how much i plead. Our unit will not let people go!!!!
If reg: get out, and join the TA :D

If TA: join almost any Corps, such as RAMC, REME, QARANCS, and you'll be sandy-side up as soon as maybe.
maybe that was the well paid tempoary job I was offered :cry:
I'd happily go if they would fast-track my enlistment :D
My son's scout troop start their A2 conversion tonight.

I believe my younger son's Cub group convert to Bowman..shortly..

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OldSnowy said:
Just to balance out the 'More British Troops to Afghanistan' thread, this just in from the Beeb:

The odd noises you hear are barrels being scraped....
Taken us 30 years in ni and still not done yet so i think we will be in the middle east for a while yet guys. :cry:

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