More Brit troops for Stan,when Obama asks for them?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. HANG ON A MINUTE, Why have we become "glove puppets" of the U.S.A ? Why does every modern day british primeminister beg for "special relationships" with the yanks ? it is funking embarrassing to say the least ! Can we as a country no longer hold our own any more in the world ? I am sure that british statesmen of old, would be turning in their graves at the way british M.Ps (of all partys) control and command modern day britain today ! Any foreign leader should be told "where to go" when attempting to give ORDERS to this great country of ours ! the fact that no one has the balls to do so anymore, is a cause of great concern. good relations with foreign countrys is one thing, but being dictated to is quite another.
  2. Alvin mate it's the USA that is asking for OUR help.

    The last time we asked for their help (and got it) there was a lot of people on their side of the pond asking questions as well!
  3. and how long did it take us to pay that off?
  4. Incidentally since when was Miliband our Defence Secretary, who is conspicuous by his absence. Milipede is making all the announcements on troops in the DR Congo, and iraq and Afghanistan........
  5. Is the DR Congo the Belgian Congo in disguise. If so surely troops should be sent from our helpful neighbour?

    Apologies for being off thread.
  6. If you google DR Congo it appears to be a french former colony......
  7. Whose the biggest contributor in manpower after the Americans in Iraq or Afghanistan, how about asking some country say in 4th or 5th place, or will this time we get a wodge of money helping the Yanks.
  8. They do, do they?

    How good of him.

    Don't get me wrong, I think more are needed but FFS.
  9. They have made clear have they, oh dear stampy foot time from Obama is it.
  10. My bold, what is that all about?
  11. An edit note that wasnt removed im guessing.
  12. I was thinking "Falklands"
  13. They're now considering bribing them with sweets then telling them to fcuk off :D

    More than likely going to try and "deal" with the Taliban.. goodluck with that :roll: