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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Praetorian, May 1, 2008.

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  1. A friend of mine was injured on duty, and is currently being denied their bounty on the grounds that they didn't complete their MATT's or MTD's for this training year.

    However, being injured meant that they were not allowed to attend training or MATT's...kind of a catch 22.

    Is there a provision for this eventuality in TA Regs, for those that break themselves to be denied bounty through no fault of their own? Seems a bit chippy if there is.

    Opinions wanted,

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Go onto armynet and read TA regs:

    7.057. Non Completion of Training due to Injury. Training bounty is payable to a member otherwise eligible who is prevented from completing his annual training commitment through disability attributable to military service (as defined in para 8.001), including disabilities arising from attendance at camp or training in lieu, provided that:
    a. He is unable through circumstances beyond his control to attend alternative training.
    b. The disability incurred does not result in relinquishment of commission or discharge from the TA with a
    disability pension.
    c. The injury or disability was not attributable to negligence or misconduct by the injured party.
  3. Ah, cheers msr, i'd imagine that'd set the cat among the pigeons! Ill pass it on.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    The question is: Why is his PSAO / RAO not seeing the lads right.
  5. Could be they are holding out to see if this little cookie comes into play. There has always been some debate over when this applies, from the training year at the time of injury or time of discharge. The general view seems to be the later ie if the original injury was in the 06/07 TY then a bounty was due for that year, if discharged with a pension in the TY 07/08 then no bounty for that year.

    All the same it's sounds like some jobs worth prick of a PSAO thinks he's going to save a few quid, by with holding a blokes bounty for the sake of it.
  6. Erm, taking a wild guess, i'd say that they're a lazy fat little cunt, probably with a small cock or stinky minge, ginger hair and a waft of piss about the place.

    But not knowing the particulars that would only be speculation.
  7. Hi guys, this is my first post so please be kind!

    I am in the same situation.

    In January I was injured whilst carrying out the PFT and was put on a light duties chit by the MO. Before the end of the training year, I asked my PSAO if I was still going to qualify for bounty having passed all the other MATTS. He told me he would have to speak to the OC.

    At the beginning of June, once the late bounties, were paid, I approached the PSAO and told him I hadn't received mine. I was informed that I was not getting it as I had not passed the PFT and I had ample opportunity to do so prior to being injured! I argued against this as the one which was arranged in July was cancelled by the hierarchy about 2 hours before it was due to take place, and the only other opportunity was a weekend I was unable to attend. He said I still wouldn't be getting it!

    I have since spoke to my OC who says I had to pass all the tests and as I had not, despite being injured, I was not entitled. I also mentioned that other guys in the unit with the same chits have received their bounties! He told me not to hold out much hope.

    I am absolutely raging at this and want to take things further, Can anyone advise me on what my next step should be?

    Thanks in advance.
  8. Medic

    Using the reference below inform your CoC you intend on raising a formal grievance. Check out the the AGAI procedure on Army Net and I'll wager you once the forms hit the OC's desk you bounty will be forth coming on the proviso your biff chit lasted until March and you can clearly prove the unit gave you no chance of completing a CFT.

  9. Will do that. Thankyou so much!