More Blunktw@tt corruption

The Scotsman:

Blunkett back on the defensive once again


DAVID Blunkett, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has denied suggestions he misused his position in a previous Cabinet post.

The New Statesman magazine yesterday reported that in 1998, when Mr Blunkett was education secretary, he ordered an official to look into a problem with an exam board that was awarding one of his son's results.

The minister was said to be "terrified" that his son had been caught up in a bureaucratic error that led the board to give students the wrong results.

Although nothing was published at the time, an official at the education department who told a journalist about the inquiry was subsequently sacked on Mr Blunkett's orders, the magazine reported.

A spokesman for Mr Blunkett yesterday described the claims as "completely untrue".

Mr Blunkett resigned as home secretary in December, and returned to government in May. His departure followed revelations of an affair and allegations that he misused his position to "fast-track" a visa application for his lover's nanny.
Edited to add:

Why can't this corrupt lying Nazi make an exit in the style of Robin Cook or Mo Mowlam? There would be a fraction of the plaudits if this tw@t turned up his toes!
This **** seems to have a graveyard full of skeletons in his cupboard!
Agent_Smith said:
This * seems to have a graveyard full of skeletons in his cupboard!
Blunktw*t typifies New Labour and Blurs style of goverment.....corrupt, inept, lying and two faced. I'm surprised Blunktw*ts seeing eye dog hasn't walked the **** in front of a bus.

Blur is head of a bunch who make an african banana republic look good.

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