More bloody "SAS" advertised EBAY Items...


Canadian Drum Major to boot
oldbaldy said:
Canadian Drum Major to boot
Canadian SAS Drum Major...hmm, something just doesn't sound right about that...
And my SAS dishwasher was first through the Iranian Embassy window!
Any offers?
Huh, thats nothing. My SAS rug was the covert surveillance asset in place before "the lads" went in....... and its a snip on ebay....
I've got a SAS Specialized Rockhopper (2003 model) used by Captain Mike Kealy on the Jebel Ali, during the 1972 Battle of Mirbat.

You can clearly see the scratches from the 81mm mortar rounds ....and where Sgt. Talaiasi Labalada put his reflectors on the bicycle spokes.

The seat is rather worn because they were on 'hard-routine'
Give you a red boilie and a Lancashire Hot pot boil in bag, as used by SAS, for your bike. Will chuck in authentic fag packet once used by dinger from B20.
Canuks don't even have an SAS they have the JTF, maybe somebody should point this out to your man on E-Bay. In fact message the current top bidder telling him he's been had!


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Why? If he's stupid enough to bid on it, then more fool him!
Fang_Farrier said:
Why? If he's stupid enough to bid on it, then more fool him!
Exactly, if throwing a few extra badges onto a tunic gets a few extra quid, then good effort to the seller and feck the buyer, cheers easy.

p.s No Im not the seller

SAS has a Pipe Band?

Do they march with balaclavas over their faces?

like the chap who wants to convert it to a ' French ' jacket so he can use it in a'll be right authentic in that scenario..
neemo said:
without being too much of a spotter
before the Canadians renamed there SF to JTF they were the SAS
To be even more of a spotter... they were not SAS but SSF - Special Service Force - brigade sized unit (disbanded for roasting some locals in Somalia)... did not wear SAS wings though...... think this is a case of adding a few badges to an item to up the value........

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