More Big Bruvver?

How? Unless I've misread it, it gives the opportunity for a single mother to check whether her new boyfriend is a registered paedophile. In which case, it's probably best that she gets rid of him.

The problem as I see it is that women who aren't single mothers don't seem to get the same opportunity, so it's yet another case of favouring the irresponsible (yes, I accept that there are exceptions) section of society.

I'd rather the information was public anyway. The argument of driving the weirdos underground doesn't hold water. Tattooing "PAEDO" on the forehead would be the best aid to preventing re-offence by denying anonimity.
I wonder if divorced dads like myself would be allowed to run a check on their ex wifes partners ??

Surely if I had a concern for my kids my views would be afforded the same priority ??

Doubt it though knowing New Labour.

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