More benefits cuts on the cards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. …“People who think that it's a lifestyle choice just to stay on out-of-work benefits, that lifestyle choice is going to come to an end.”…

    Waiting for the usual suspects to wade in and have a wail.;P

    Benefit claimants to have payments cut - Telegraph
  2. And here I am.

    This is a bloody disgrace. If they stop my tax credits, child benefit and the attendance allowance I get for little Gideon's ADHD, how the hell am I supposed to pay the nanny? She's absolutely essential for a busy managing director like me so I'd have no choice but to let somebody else go. The garden wont do itself so it'll have to be the chauffeur.

    I hope Osborne's pleased with himself.
  3. The welfare state's a ponzi scheme if ever there was one. The only way to sustain it is an ever increasing population and ever greater tax. And then, one day, the wheels will come, quite spectacularly, off the bus. And I'd love any leftie to disprove that.
  4. Good! I have a simple theory. Cut all out-of-work benefits and raise the level you can earn before you start paying TAX. That will get more people back into work and out of the "benefits dependency trap".
  5. On the plus side, the people they're targeting are the sort who can't be arsed to have a good riot about it :)

    So long as they target the real feckless workshy, and don't just round up the genuinely disabled and put them through the wringer, then I'm all for it. Sadly I can see it being the usual DWP exercise of hounding those who can't work through genuine disability and need (the easy targets) whilst the professionally lazy carry on as before...... I hope to be pleasantly surprised!
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    This has been tried but successive governments and failed miserably. Time will tell if GO will be successful this time round.

    One of the problems of course is government say they will slash benefits etc yet local government employ a host of people to inform people of their 'rights' so when someone loses a benefit, they often just claim the next one on the list.

    I can see GPs becoming very busy as whole swathes of people suddenly develop debilitating illnesses and conditions.

    October/November will be an interesting time.
  7. May I refer the honourable gentleman to last year's "quantitative easing" scam. 200 billion quid straight off the printing presses at the Bank of England and straight into Gordon's chequeing account.

    That's the entire welfare budget and more. Mugabe style magic money created out of thin air and used to keep a third of our population obediently dole bound. Stand by for rising inflation as the cash works its way through the economy.
  8. Auld-Yin, is it time to think about forming a no-win-no-fee personal injury company? I'd wager that half the population of chav estates are about to 'fall down the stairs' or 'trip over a crack in the pavement'!

    The current benefits system does indeed need major reform though, an acquaintance of ours (never worked in her life, no qualifications, can't even spell) is about to swan off on her fifth foreign holiday of the year - all paid for by having an encyclopaedic knowledge of the benefits system. There should be no way on God's green Earth that an uneducated illiterate chavette should have a free house, no living costs, plus enough disposable income coming in to lead a jet-setting lifestyle equivalent to someone on a 50k+ salary!
  9. Comet.I trust you have grassed her to the appropriate department?
  10. Nope. What she is doing is completely within the rules! That's the point, the rules need changing to ensure that people's entitlements are in some way in line with covering reasonable living costs - NOT giving people a free ride!
  11. Seriously?
  12. All you need is "M.E."

    No testable symptoms and after 12 months you get £91 a week for sitting on your arse drinking wine and smoking fags all day. Add that to your council tax and rent and it's at least £200 a week for even a modest house round here. That's equivalent to a salary before tax of £13k

    Add a couple of sprogs and watch the money really roll in..... :x
  13. Indeedy do. If you have a complete knowledge of the system and a helpful adviser at the DWP, it's amazing what you can earn from the system......
  14. Cow

    Cow LE

    Whilst I am more than in favor of reforming the benefit policies and getting the lazy gits back into work, in areas of high unemployment where manufacturing/manual labour was the main employer are there the jobs for them to fill? Many people use to work in low skill/uneducated rolls. Do these still exist?

    Look at the closure of the Corus Steel Plant in Teeside. Most of the workers there don't want to be on benefits, they'd be much happier getting minging on the shop floor working their tits off doing a basic job. What will they retrain to do? A call centre roll? Work in a shop (which, if the area has no money coming in, won't last as they won't have customers)?

    The reforms/cuts need to go hand in hand with assistance to keep work within the UK rather than letting it be exported and create rolls which will employ people who don't have a degree and will never have one. THAT is why the UK will struggle for the next 10/20 years.

    What we could do is cut the aid that goes to China/other countries. Their economies wouldn't be able to sustain their rapid growth and it would become cheaper to do the work here (this is a best case senario and I have no doubt that this will not happen for many a year). My dad works for such a company, they've moved their manufacturing to China where they haven't managed to produce a part for over a year now. The UK factory use to be able to chuck out 5/6 per month to a quality which was above the spec required (Air industry, pretty high). They will be looking to move back within a few years. There are so many problems over there I can't be bothered to type them up just now. Needless to say, the boom is just that. Give it a few years and it won't be as much of a cheaper option as it is now and we'll have lost the skills and equipment that are needed for us to pick up the slack.
  15. Hear hear, Cow. Remind me again why we give the Indian space program more funding than our own? This country needs to start actually building things again, rather than pushing imaginary money around!