More battlefield helicopters for UK Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by h_8204, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. More battlefield helicopters for UK Armed Forces
    30 Mar 07
    Over the next two years, fourteen additional helicopters will be made available for use on military operations, the Secretary of State for Defence, Des Browne has announced today, Friday 30 March 2007.

    The Ministry of Defence has agreed to buy six new Merlin helicopters, which will be available within a year and to convert eight existing Chinook Mark 3 helicopters to make them available for deployment in two years. The complete package will cost around £230 million.

    Mr Browne said:

    "This is the best possible outcome for our joint helicopter force and for the Armed Forces as a whole. This package will deliver 14 additional military helicopters into new operational roles, with the first available for operations within a year.

    "Battlefield support helicopters are one of the most crucial capabilities for military commanders. I am determined that we have enough if we need to send more to operations in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere."
  2. I'll believe it when they are on the pan....
  3. It one thing buying more helicopters but finding the crews to man them is another. At a time when Aircrew morale is at a low ebb and all three services are short I cannot see it being very easy!
  4. No Brown you lying cnut, the best possible outcome is a new squadron, maybe two of SH. Allied of course with the required investment in the aircrew and engineer pipelines.

    Will they take this holistic approach? No of course not - they'll do the absolute minimum to keep the media off their backs whilst we're forced to be grateful for any bone they care to throw us.

    They may quote numbers, but it doesn't change the fact that half our fleet of SH was designed in the 60's and built in the late 80's. The number of man hours required to keep them airborne is enormous, but as always, the lads hard work masks the chronic problems and shortfalls. Meanwhile we fly leaky outdated technology over the harshest battlefields on earth.

    Oh yes, you know about it when anything other than a merlin comes to pick you up. Suddenly your eyes widen and you spend the flight cowering in fright in the back. Not one politician I've flown has displayed anything remotely resembling personal courage or leadership, so please forgive me if my cup runneth over with contempt.

    Thanks for nothing you mealy mouthed twat.
  5. So, I may have missed this, but they are going to purchase 6 Merlin and convert 8 Chinook!!

    How is this an additional 14 helicopters?
    Those 8 Chinooks are already in service!

    £230 million...helloooo!
  6. You did miss something! The 8 Chinook Mk3's are not in service. They currently do not have a Release to Service(RTS) are are curently sitting waiting for this funding which will support the 'rescue package'. Allthough the UK procured them - they have never been 'in-service' with the RAF.
  7. I Heard a few weeks ago that the MOD had purchased a few ex-South African Airforce "Pumas". The Airframes were sound and were going be refurbed then put into operational service with the Royal Airforce
  8. I'm guessing that the Merlins will be the RDAF ones that the Dane's have decided they don't actually want?

    as such, they are a different spec (different engines, different cockpit layout etc) so commonality will be an issue... :roll:
  9. This Labour government realy knows how to organise things, Open 2 new fronts then start thinking about what equipment is needed. Reduce the size of the Navy. Cut down the number of regiments in the army. Reduce the number of RAF bases. Great.
  10. Thanks Crusty, this is what I missed I think!

    Not bad, 3 Chinooks will have been physically on the deck for 8 years (thats of course IF they get delivered in 2 years time) when cries are going out as we type for more helicopters!
  11. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Its tradition, you pay for them, give them back then buy them again...doh
  12. 2 years to get 8 chinooks flying :? wtf is all I can say .I know its complicated piece of kit but it dosent take two years to build one does it ?
  13. Not in the real world no, three months ago I phoned up one of Boeings US sales agents posing as a rep for an interested Chinese party: I could have 40 of them, brand new, in eighteen months - any spec.

    The two year thing - for a refit (FFS) is only about which financial year pays for the work.
  14. Hmm, did they say how much for?
  15. The two year thing - for a refit (FFS) is only about which financial year pays for the work.[/quote]

    Oh well none of des brownes mates will be wanting a lift in iraq or afgan will they for two years tossers :x