More Bad News from Afghanistan - Sky

RIP guys.
A sad, sad day. Rest in piece.

I've just had a look at the online newspapers: in the Guardian this is filed under "more news", with a story about some septic town voting on going dry taking priority. The Times is no better, with a huge spread devoted to the Chelsea match and this coming as a brief sentance halfway down the page. Why is this not front page? (I could not find it at all on the BBC website) :x
RIP lads.

I look forward to the day Wooton Basset can stand down.
Sad day for British Forces

Stand Easy

Deepest condolences to Family and friends
RIP chaps. Thoughts to family and friends.

Gvt take note of this sacrifice and do what's right.
I was gutted when I heard the news that we had lost 4 more.

May they Rest In Peace

God Bless Them

I know that the Gurka may not be a Christian but God will not mind.

God lets in Gurkas
RIP lads

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