More Aussies face Firing Squad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by midnight, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. You have to be lacking in the grey-matter department to touch drugs in that country, let alone try to smuggle a few k's of heroin in.
  2. These 9 Australians (the Bali Nine) could not have been more stupid. They were caught carrying out their drug running at the height of the Schapelle Corby trial in Bali (another Aussie caught smuggling weed). It was the top story for months in Australia and Indonesia and most of the Bali Nine admitted they were aware of the Corby case and trial. At the same time an Aussie was awaiting execution in Vietnam for drug smuggling and again some of the Bali Nine were aware of that case. If you ever fly into Bali there are huge signs saying that if you are caught with drugs you will face the death penalty.

    It is the parents I feel sorry for, in particular one father who suspected his son was involved in a drug running operation and warned the Australian Federal Police to arrest him before they left Australia. The AFP waited until they arrived in Bali and were loaded up with the drugs and then informed the Indon Police. Nasty and tough. From the AFPs point of view, without the drugs on them they could not be charged.

    By the way only the two ring leaders have been given the death penalty. The court showed leniency with the others and gave them life in prison. I think I'd rather be topped.
  3. 8O 8O To say they were stupid is being kind to normal people. They traded in drugs and will pay the price for it.
    IMHO it's tough luck and they will not be able to commit another crime.
    Enjoy it boys.....enjoy it :twisted: :twisted:
  4. In this case it was smuggling out from Indonesia to Australia. Pretty ruthless/smart [your choice] of the AFP mind you to let the Indonesians deal with this; they must have known in advance the potential implications for the Aussie citizens.

  5. Did the AFP even have a choice? It's not like flying from Australia to Indonesia is a crime...(well, not unless you're prepared to get into the murky waters of intent).
  6. It's simple. They clearly knew the risk. They took their chance. they got caught. They die.

    Tough Sh1t!
  7. The AFPs approach is that the fight against drugs is a regional team task and it is getting results. Each country working on their own has been tried and it doesn't work. It seems incredible that we are wringing our hands over a huge drugs bust because the consequences of the criminals involved are severe. The same criminals being arrested coming off the plane in Australia might be looking at 15 years max with parole in 6 for good behaviour.

    It is about time this problem was taken seriously. I have sat my teenage kids down in front of the telly, made them read the newspapers and discussed this Bali Nine event. It should be used as a deterent by parents. Its a big wide world out there and parts of it are nasty. Don't fukc with drugs.
  9. tis true that flying isn't a crime, however preparing to board an aircraft with controlled substances strapped to your body doesn't sound as if we're in the territory of "murky waters of intent"... :D

    Looks more like the dumb fcukers were caught "in the act". No sympathy whatsoever.

  10. True enough - but that was the return flight. No sympathy here either.
  11. They got caught,knew the risks,the likely punishment.
    IF, and it'll never happen, Britain had a similar stance to drug crime then just possibly we wouldn't have so many gun related crimes.
    Line 'em up , sling a noose over their necks and kick out the chairs.
    Oh yes, and televise the first one too, just so the would-be gangsta types know what to expect.
  12. I can see nothing wrong where a country promises to treat a particular crime in a particular way and does just that.
    The Aus police are engaged in crime prevention and not social work.
  13. Is this the sad but true story of Pusher Morant?
  14. If you read the Oz papers it is the fault of the Australian Federral Police that the Bali 9 face life and death sentences
    As an ex member of another force I never had much time for the Feds- we used to call them Plastics Now they have lifted their game and my old mob gives another dimension to totally useless wastes of space thanks to the legacy of a credible con-man from the old Dart. Well thats progress but never mind.
    My patrols covered some of the less salubrious areas in Sydney and we were forever picking up dead'uns from smack overdoses. There was also the nuisance value in drug-related crime-burglaries,robberies etc. etc.. Not to forget the junkies leaving used needles in kids' playgrounds and the like.
    However the quality of mercy is not strained. Leave the bastwards in cages at Denpasser airport until they rot as a warning to any other death dealing filth that want to make a quick dollar out of generally lowering the tone of society.
    Hope this doesn't sound like a rant.