Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mexeman, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. With the mostly muppet decisions about to be unveiled on Thursday, are we in danger of having more Arrsers than Squaddies? With the planned reduction in numbers, the inevitable further lowering of morale, will more personnel just say "fuck it, I'm off" at the earliest opportunity?

    Do they really expect the remaining guys to soak up the extra workload?
  2. Havn't we got more ARRSErs then Squaddies already?
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  3. Even after the cull, ARRSE would still need to muster 82,001 members to outnumber the regulars. It may just shade it, if all the sock-puppets and civvies are included. If they are taken out of the equation, I calculate ARRSE would be lucky to muster a thousand souls.
    As for the extra workload - I'm afraid it is back to Cold War regimes post Afghanistan, without the money or training areas to send the troops off on exercises or AT. Those garages won't sweep themselves you know.
  4. Well one else is going to do it are they.
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  5. I couldn't have guessed the true number of Arrsers, and it was a bit tongue in cheek, but the serious point I was trying to make was that as the Regs dwindle in number, I can't see the workload lessening to the same proportion. So who is going to pick up the slack?
    I'm glad I'm not in now, I would be totally disillusioned.
    Your last paragraph is looking to be the future.....

  6. Last paras very true - expect plenty of 'painting'
  7. They don't's all about saving money.....:frown:
  8. Thats how the private civvy sector is at the moment too chaps, companies trimming away at the overheads now the economy is in the shit and expecting the lowest paid at the bottom to absorb the workload of those who leave or are made redundant with no incentive to do so, just creates a bad atmosphere and everyone thats left is just looking for a way out, I'm sure it isnt that much different for you folks in the Army.
    (I've joined this site due to wanting some advice on joining the TA, but sticking around for now as I like the banter and interesting topics, not here to walt my way around so hope you all don't mind my input!)
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  10. I don't think that they'll really need that many lads to paint Rovers with diesel before EC inspections so they look really shiny and march up and down the square to be honest.

    We're shortly doing a runner from Afghanistan. The Treasury are working very hard to ensure we don't go to war unless it's for national survival or short term ops again in the foreseeable future.
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    On the other hand, with the amount of sockpuppets JoeyDeacon uses, he could fashion up an entire sqn in a heartbeat.
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  12. I fucking hope you're right..

  13. Sockpuppets ? Moi ?
  14. Let's hope so, there seems to a distinct lack of judgement when the shit starts flying in foreign parts!
  15. Probably something to do with the knobs in the upper echeons of the Gov having the same thinking of 20 years ago, that we are still a big name in the international community and as such have a need to get involved in policing every other countries problems. The reality is we cant and havent been able to since options for change back in 93. Iraq and Afghan have shown that, but we were committed by bLIAR and it is just made worse with the current cutbacks etc.
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